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Coconut- Men vs Women

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  • Coconut- Men vs Women

    According to this study, coconut oil works for men and not so much women....

    An Open-Label Pilot Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Virgin Coconut Oil in Reducing Visceral Adiposity

    thought it was interesting
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    I agree; it is interesting. But I'm not convinced that the study is representative of the population at large. The study had only 20 participants, only 7 of whom were male. And all of the males were in the more overweight category (BMI above 30kg/m²). That may account for some of the difference. More importantly, the study ran for only four weeks. As is well represented here, that's barely enough time to see any change in some people ... and women's hormonal influences can make their bodies slower to move off the starting line.

    I'm not gonna change my approach based on this study's findings.
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      oh i know wasnt trying to get people to stop using it obviously, just saw it and was like wow!
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        That certainly does explain a lot about men losing more weight than women. It looks like women are just going to have to work harder at being healthier instead of relying on magical "superfoods", and by the same virtue men should too, since they could be doing better.

        Now why in the world would this be the case? I'm going to ask on Paleohacks, but my hypothesis is that it has to do with testosterone in men and all of the metabolic benefits. An excess of omega 6 and a paucity of saturated fat in the diet has created a generation of bitchy, skinny-fat males and coconut helps to correct the problem. Testosterone and growth hormone improve body compo... [J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009] - PubMed result

        Other advantages of lauric acid are reduction in gut pathogens, which is helpful, but I don't see that as having a difference between men and women.

        Great thread, Malpaz. That is some grade-A researchin'.
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