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  • Crunchy Knee Syndrom

    I have been diagnosed with Chondro Malatia (sp?) after an MRI a few years ago. Both of my knees, especially my right knee makes a crunching noise when i bend to do squats or even when I extend my legs in a seated position. After walking or even hiking, my right knee, more than my left, swells.
    The report that I received also said that I am predispositioned for rheumatoid arthritis, I am 34 y/o. I played volleyball for many years (began competitively at age of 12) and competed for four years at the college level. My body has been put through so much damage, from sacraficing my body with hard-pounding hits to the floor, all for a ball, too many three-a-day workouts and many miles of running on hard asphalt and poor gym floors.
    I started eating primal at the beginning of march and have lost about ten pounds thus far. Only now have I started to pick up the workouts, but the bummer in the workouts is my right knee. I am looking for any suggestions as to how I can get the swelling to stop and continue doing the workouts that I love.

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    I have bone on bone arthritis of the knee. Before going primal, my knee was very painful and would swell tremendously. Walking was painful.

    Over time, eating well, the swelling and pain subsided. I'm confident things changed when my level of overall inflammation went down. I also started exercising very slowly--5 minutes at a time. I increased workout time and workload very slowly as well.

    So, my suggestion is to give primal eating time to lower any inflammation you may have. For me staying away from grains is very important.

    You can check your level of inflammation with a C-Reactive Protein test.


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      My knees have always sounded like bubble wrap being twisted, even as a child. It improved a lot after I began drinking kombucha regularly, about six years ago, but still persists. It is most noticeable when doing squats or lunges. There's no pain or swelling associated, so I don't think it would be the same thing as you have. My hips also pop out of joint easily, so I have to be careful with ab exercises. I did have RA symptoms (lots of PAIN and some swelling) in my hands, hips, knees and ankles years ago. That was cured by the addition of kombucha. I also keep my intake of nightshades on the low side, even though I notice no obvious problems with them. I figure that just because I don't notice it, it doesn't mean it isn't doing something.

      I just do fewer squats than I think the average PB'er does, and more of the yoga poses of Chair and various Warriors. I keep weight light when doing leg lifts and modify any other moves that tend to irritate my 'defective' joints.
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        Can you tell me more about the C-Reactive Protein test? Where do I find it? What is it?


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          I used to drink kombucha before I learned of PB. My husband and I would ask Whole Foods if we could buy it by the case, it was awesome! I will try that again! Thank you!


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            I've had chondromalacia for twenty years. Got it from playing football also. It actually the term covers multiple issues. There's not going to be some magic cure through eating primal. I've been primal almost two years and my knees are no better or worse then before. Best thing you can do is keep your weight as low as possible and avoid things that aggravate it. I gave up running, softball, tennis, etc. when I had both of mine done One reason I took up cycling is it was some thing athletic that didn't hurt my knees.


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              Whole Foods no longer carries raw kombucha. You can make it quite easily, though. I brew four-five gallons a week.


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                We're twins! I just had an MRI this morning of my knee for all the crunchies in there, just to make sure the meniscus isn't torn or anything.

                I've had it for years, but it has progressively gotten worse, so much so that the doctor is doing arthroscopic surgery in May to clean it up. He said it's like shag carpeting, and he'll just go and shave it down or clean it out or something.

                It's something I've learned to live with, but when I do a WOD at CrossFit, lately I've been modifying things (no box jumps but even with doing mod's, sometimes it hurts more then others, so I just ice it and try to be nice and give it a rest. Sorry I'm not more help, but I feel your frustration!


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                  C-reactive protein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                  CRP: The Test

                  Your doctor can check your CRP.