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  • Body odor.

    I've really been reaping the benefits of PB/Paleo-styled eating since I started a year ago -- more energy, building muscle easier, etc. The only thing that's been bothering me lately is body odor. It's not unbearable or anything, but it's definitely noticeable, even within a few hours after showering. I only use natural soaps, and I definitely don't overdo them. I've tried using coconut oil topically, as well as various natural deodorants (including salt crystals), but they're not very effective. The only thing that made a noticeable difference was drinking wheat grass juice, but again, it wasn't 100% effective. I'd love to continue doing that, but it's a little pricey. I've seriously cut back on garlic, cumin, and onions; I eat them maybe once a week at most. Here's what I eat in a day (usually a little more if I workout):

    -Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in butter with 1/2 avocado, 1/2 pound of ground beef/lamb/bison, 1/2 cup of coconut milk

    -Snack: 40g of 85% dark chocolate

    -Dinner: around 1 pound of meat (usually beef, a little more if I've worked out), 1-2 medium potatoes (if I've worked out), 1 cup of blueberries in coconut milk

    I occasionally have poultry, but not too often, as I'm not really a fan of it. I would eat more fish, but it's pricey, and I'm trying to put on muscle, so red meat usually wins. As far as spices/oils go, I use the following almost daily: butter, olive oil, coconut oil, rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram, basil, oregano, black pepper, cinnamon, and sea salt. I drink coffee two or three times a week AT MOST. I've read on a lot of natural health sites that red meat and eggs both cause body odor, but I don't know what to make of that. Any suggestions/ideas?

    Thanks guys!

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    don't know what's causing it, although toxin release comes to mind. I don't know much about that sort of thing though...

    I use hand sanitizer for the underarm area. Works well for me.
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      I'd be interested in hearing some solutions for this problem as well. I wouldn't call it an odor, but I've noticed a much stronger smell surrounding me since going primal. I'd have to shower like three times a day to completely keep it at bay. Deodorant helps some but not completely. I assumed it just kind of came with the territory when eating stronger, more nutrient-dense foods and spices instead of empty starches, but there's not much talk about it around here and I was beginning to worry. It's not a horrible or super strong smell or anything, but it's not one I'd like lingering on me either.

      I've had to cut way back on onions and garlic which is a shame because I really love them. I've also noticed that beef makes me smell... beefy. :\


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        Originally posted by bokbadok View Post
        don't know what's causing it, although toxin release comes to mind.
        Yeah, that's what I've read. A lot of people in the alternative medicine crowd seem to be of the opinion that red meat and eggs both "release toxins into the bloodstream." I have no idea how much validity there is to that claim.

        Originally posted by Styrofoam Jones View Post
        It's not a horrible or super strong smell or anything, but it's not one I'd like lingering on me either.


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          I second bokbadok's recommendation of hand sanitizer. Apply the gel after washing. My son uses it on his pits (and feet) when they get smelly. Really works. Good luck!


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            Theories: by eating like our ancestors, our sense of smell is becoming more sensitive. Maybe it is returning to a level we were born with, but stifled or impaired by the typical modern western diet. Or, thanks to our ancestral based diet, we could be emitting this odor as part of a natural mechanism to help attract a mate.
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              Ketosis can cause body and breath odor if you aren't drink loads of water.
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                I know people who take liquid chlorophyll daily and swear it makes body odor disappear. Cheaper than wheat grass, too.


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                  I eat between 20-30 eggs and red meat each week. Almost two months ago i went completely soap and shampoo free. My wife cant stop talking about good I smell now. Perhaps the problem is you are still using som soaps and deodarant. Or, perhaps not. I eat fruits, veggies, some cheese every now and then and very occasionally have some grains - typically breading on some meat. I pretty much only drink water.


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                    If you aren't eating grass-finished beef, it could be hormone/toxin release from the corn/antibiotic/hormone-fed cattle. I eat red meat & eggs daily (from grass-finished cattle and free-range, pastured chickens) and don't have this issue, but of course it could be differing body chemistry.

                    Also, just a theory, but maybe that is too much protein for your body to process without creating byproducts like body odor. Have you read this?
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                      I noticed an increase in perspiration for sure since eating this way. I am one of those small, always cold I have worked in kitchens for many years, even old buildings with poor ventilation, and the cook line could get to 120 degrees on a busy night, I rarely broke a sweat. I LOVE the heat. These last few years, I have been out of the kitchen completely, (even a few years back as a dining room manager I would hop in to help out regularly). I eat much more meat/eggs than I did then, and not always organic/grassfed. I too, have wondered about "toxin" release. I don't have a "stink" about me, but my normally dry pits have really amped up the action! I use a crystal or go "au natural" If I am not at work and wont offend anyone, but it is odd. One pit sweats more heavily than the other. Weird? Or just because I am not subjected to the high heat/action anymore?


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                        One thing that has really worked for me, is using vinegar. If I think I'm going to be out where body odour might be a problem, I give the most problematic areas a wipe down with white vinegar. Within a few seconds it dries and the vinegar smell goes away, and I stay fresher longer. I also use crystal deodorant and find it better than anything else, especially the lightly scented ones (I prefer pomegranate).

                        I also use white vinegar in my laundry. It keeps things smelling fresh, and my clothes come out softer and brighter. A good solid sploosh per load does the job, I'd say maybe 1/4 cup or so, I just toss it in where bleach would normally go.
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                          Since the OP is eating almost all protein and fat (seeing no veg or fruits) he is probably in ketosis 24/7. Ketosis causes bad breath and body odor. Drinking more water to help flush the ketones will help. Some recommend brushing your skin also, although that's more for toxin release. You might want to add some nice greens to your diet for the cleansing effect?


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                            I have noticed too that I seem to smell a bit now. I never did in the past but now if I shower in the morning and use deodorant under my arms and go to my workout. By the end of it after an hour I can smell myself.
                            My wife has not complained so maybe it is not too bad.
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                              pheromones ?!?!