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No Dairy, No Caffeine, No Grains - so what's up with this Sinus Infection?

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    Originally posted by Shijin13 View Post
    my 2cents would be allergies... I've have horrible allergies w/sinus "infection like" symptoms for about 2 weeks now... here in NoVA the trees are FORNICATING like the worlds going to end tomorrow! btwn the maples, dogwoods, cherry, apple, crab apple, oak and fracking "Tree of Heaven" (invasive species) OMG my sinuses are killing me...

    have you tried doing neti pot rinses?
    Seriously, is it actually tree pollen season in the DC area? Because I haven't really noticed anything. I mean, the forsythia are blooming, but other than that, it still feels like a wasteland.

    I second the suggestion of a neti pot. I've gotten through allergies, sinus infections, and even colds without using any decongestant other than a Neti pot and sea salt solution. I even had a doctor prescribe "aggressive decongesting" (i.e., Neti pot or saline nasal spray) rather than an antibiotic for a sinus infection, which is what got me using the Neti regularly to begin with.


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      Originally posted by Lynna View Post
      Dairy does not increase mucus in the body. Does milk make mucus worse? - Health & Wellbeing
      Damn, my sinuses must hate science or something. Or maybe that guy is just wrong.

      Anyway, OP, could it be A/C? In large buildings A/C seems to screw with my sinuses. Also, swimming in salt water cleans them out.
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        Great discussions to hear what everyone is dealing with in their own unique way. Here I started the day with a concern - and although I still have the congestion, I worked through the day and before I realized it, it was 5:00 - and that means I IF'd for 20 hours with no problemos. To make it even better, I had one of the best workouts since my re-commitment to Primal/Paleo and added to my body recomposition. Life is great, eh?
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          Any time I consume a lot of dairy I get "dairy throat", where mucus collects in my throat.


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            The viscous quality of may give the feel of mucus production but...
            [Table 1. Structured Interview: Percentages of Believers and Non-Believers Experiencing Symptoms after Drinking Milk [12]
            Experimental Studies on Dairy Consumption and Mucus
            Pinnock and Arney [15] conducted a randomised, double-blind trial to investigate the relationship between cow’s milk consumption and mucus formation, the so called "milk mucus" effect. They divided 125 subjects into a milk (n = 60) or placebo group (n = 65), of which 43 and 29, respectively, believed that cow’s milk consumption produces mucus. These subjects received 300 mL of cow’s milk or 300 mL of a soy-based drink (placebo). Both drinks were ultra-heat treated and a cocoa-peppermint flavour-combination was found to be most effective in disguising both the mouth-feel of milk and the after-taste of the soy drink and were used for a randomized, double-blind trial. The subjects answered a questionnaire before they received a chilled test drink, and repeated the questionnaire five minutes after, four hours after and the following morning. In both groups three out of 14 indicators of a milk and mucus effect (coating over mouth, back of throat; need to swallow a lot; saliva thicker, harder to swallow) showed statistically significant increases, but only immediately following the test drink in both milk and placebo groups (Table 2). These three indicators were analysed with reference to a belief in a relationship between milk drinking and mucus formation as well as to the assumption by the subjects that they were drinking cow’s milk. Subjects who believed in a "milk mucus" effect or thought the drink was milk tended to show larger, though not significant, increases in these three indicators: increases in "coating over mouth", "swallow a lot" and "saliva thicker". The authors concluded that it was possible to detect an increase in three "milk mucus" sensations by the believers after drinking both beverages. The effect which was measured was thus not specific to cow’s milk and was also produced by the soy-based drink.
            Milk Consumption Does Not Lead to Mucus Production or Occurrence of Asthma -- Wüthrich et al. 24 (Supplement 6): 547S -- Journal of the American College of Nutrition


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              The breakdown of casein in the body produces a release of histamines. Releasing histamines produces an increase in mucus and inflammation. As an asthma/allergy sufferer, I can assure you, I'm not imagining my reactions. There is a biological response to consuming milk. I could entertain the possibility that it affects each person differently.


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                Lack of sleep gets my vote.
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