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Anyone taking short walks after meals?

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  • Anyone taking short walks after meals?

    In PB, Mark suggests taking a short walk around the block after a meal (I believe to help control glucose levels?)

    Is anyone purposely doing this? If so, how many minutes do you walk?

    How many minutes to walk to be effective?

    Thanks for any clarification!
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    I don't do it regularly, but any time my boyfriend and I go out to eat, we'll walk the mall after wards. It might just be an old wives' tail, but I believe it's supposed to help your digestion, at least that's what my mum said.


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      i usually take a walk if the weather is nice, or hop on my bike for some light pedaling. i don't do it every day or at every meal, but i try to when i can...much better than sitting in front of the tv


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        Not after breakfast, but I meet teh husband for lunch and then we walk ~1 mile, I usually take a ~1 mile 'smoke break' with my co-workers in the afternoon (instead of smoking we walk, but we have fun telling everyone we're taking a smoke break), and then I and DH walk after dinner to chat about our day.

        I don't conciously do it for blood gluscose levels, but I suppose there's some element of that there because I walk during my day to wake up and re-engergize instead of feeling like taking a nap after I eat lunch, and then I noticed that most people converse better when you walk with them as opposed to just sit across a table from them. So when I want to chat with the husband and have his undivided attention (or comfortable companionship - we don't have to talk) - we walk. It's just a nice way to end our day. I feel kinda sluggish if I don't get in at least a couple of my walks.


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          We walk around the neighborhood almost every night after supper. Didn't even know this is something we should be doing until I read it in PB. We generally walk from 30 to 60 mins depending on weather, time, daylight left, etc. We both enjoy the relaxing nature of walking after eating the evening meal and have been doing it off and on for years anyway. It relieves stress, we get to talk about our day, and as a bonus we are abiding by PB suggestions. Neither of us eat until stuffed either, so I imagine this might be somewhat uncomfortable if you eat that way. It also might be the only walking my DH gets during the week since he's at a stupid desk all day.


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            I take a 20 minute walk after lunch every day when I'm at work. At home, on the weekends, I substitute running errands for a scheduled walk.
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              walking after eating is very good for digestion because moving slowly helps your digestive system digest foods faster.