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What actions can we take?

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  • What actions can we take?

    I published this post on my blog this morning, and kept thinking about it throughout the day. I'd like to do a follow-up post that goes more in-depth about what we can do to take back our food system. I would LOVE to hear ideas from all y'all MDA'ers, because I believe that we are probably doing some really creative things to change the way things are. So please let 'er rip right here! What actions do you take to reclaim your own personal food system?

    Stats as of 3/1/12:
    5'10" female, 38 y/o
    Currently 140 lbs., approx 25% body fat
    WEIGHT GOAL: lose a bit more body fat and tighten up the rear end...basically, I want to look great naked. Everywhere else is looking great, but my ass/hips/thighs are being a bit stubborn. TMI?
    DAILY MACRO TARGETS: Cal: 1,857. Protein: 100g (400cal). Carb: 75g (300cal). Fat: 128g (1156cal).
    EXERCISE GOAL: incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions and 1 sprint session per week.

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    I think the biggest thing for me is being active in the crop mob organization. It's a hands-on way to support local organic farms, certified and not. Besides that I vote with my dollars- buying from local farms, my local butcher, produce stands and farmers markets for the majority of my food. The rest I try to buy only from local businesses, and my regional grocery that also heavily supports local farms and produce.


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      Surprising how many people think shopping at Trader Joe's is helping the little guy.

      Good luck with this. The vast majority of people don't like going out or their way or paying more for anything, neither do shareholders enjoy seeing the worth of their portfolio plummet because the company suffered an ethical crisis.

      That's just the way of the world - and in my opinion, humanity surpassed our moral tipping point l-o-n-g ago.