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Even the Tour de France boys are quasi-primal

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  • Even the Tour de France boys are quasi-primal

    According to this article, they eat:
    1. "generally gluten-free" (except for the plates of pasta for breakfast part, apparently - but granted, they need ridiculous amounts of calories daily)
    2. Choose rice or almond milk over milk and soy products
    3. Eat almond butter over peanut butter because almonds are "just a better nut"
    4. Avoid eating "inflammatory" foods such as fried things

    Five-Star Tour Cuisine for Guys Who Eat and Ride -

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    At meals, boxes of different cereals

    They get carbohydrates from pasta, but also from couscous and risotto to keep the menu interesting.

    At breakfast, Fowler serves items like oatmeal and plates of pasta and eggs.
    "They're generally gluten free." Not really. They eat energy bars too which often have gluten and or soy.


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      Actually, in the middle of a race, they don't eat energy bars, they use products similar to GU, which is a liquid. Energy bars are way to hard to digest under strenuous conditions. Regardless, you're nit picking considering the topic.