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How Does Vegemite Fit In?

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  • How Does Vegemite Fit In?

    Here is my first real question since joining this site: How does Vegemite fit into the primal deal? I recently discovered this stuff and I really like it.
    Do we have any Aussies that can offer up some info?

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    All I know is it tastes great on scrambled eggs

    Tastes better on toast though : (

    Would be great if it was considered OK!


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      It doesn't.
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        To me it is a processed food so I would not eat it. Plus it tastes soooooo bad
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          Vegemite is yeast extract. Yeasts are naturally found on fruits and grains (and most other places too), so in that sense yeast is primal. But it would only have been in trace amounts. But vegemite is made from brewer's yeast (from beer making), which means it's yeast grown on grains like malted barley (or wheat, hops, etc). If you're avoiding those grains, you'd want to avoid vegemite.

          Vegemite is a rich source of glutamate, so tastes very umami, but you can easily get that taste from a good hunk of beef (or, fish, some seaweed, some mushrooms).
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            Hello...I am getting across this thread and found this thread really helpful and beneficial..I am very happy to join this thread.


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              Vegemite (Kraft General Foods NZ Ltd):

              Yeast extract, salt, malt extract, colour (caramel), vegetable flavours, vitamins (niacin, thiamine, riboflavin)

              Marmite (Sanatarium Health Food Company, NZ):

              Yeast, sugar, salt, wheatgerm extract, mineral salt (508), colour (caramel), herbs, spices, vitamins (niacin, thiamin, riboflavin)

              It's also got a small note under the ingredients:* "100% vegetarian" (but then, what do you expect from a company owned by the 7th Day Adventist church?)

              Promite: (Masterfoods of Australia)

              Vegetable protein extract, sugar, yeast, natural colour (caramel), salt, thickener (Wheat starch), emulsifier (Glycerol monostearate), spices, added vitamins, water

              Other countries' versions may vary....


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                Vegemite, marmite etc are just MSG.


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                  Originally posted by gunn parker View Post
                  Plus it tastes soooooo bad
                  Clearly, you can no longer remain an Australian citizen, and must be deported *immediately* ....

                  Vegemite is something I simply cannot safely have in the house, because I love it too much, and it demands to be eaten with piles of bread and butter, which of course I don't want to do in my half-arsed attempts to eat more Primally.

                  (But I'm still going to try it one day with Rivvin's special sandwich 'bread'. So sue me.)
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                    I'm an Aussie and I can't stand it either. Where's the queue to hand in our passports?
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