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Fatigue, high blood glucose, chronic illness in my teen

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  • Fatigue, high blood glucose, chronic illness in my teen

    Our family has been eating low carb, as inspired by PB and other books, for over a year now. My 13 year old started public school last September and since then, her health has plumetted. 6 rounds antibiotics for varied infections, mono, super-tired much of the time... but she has been fatigued for over 2 years.

    So she had blood tests for vitamin deficiencies. After 10 days of high dose supplements of B12 and D, her B12 came back great (800 something) while D barely scraped in the normal range (33, with 30-100 as the range). But of most concern, according to the nurse, was her blood glucose at 127.

    The first day they tried to draw blood, she was too dehydrated to get any blood. So the second try, I had picked her up at school and found her so exhausted and starving but had nothing in the car. So we went through a drive thru and got chicken strips and more water. It was about an hour later the blood draw happened.

    Looking back at Septembers blood glucose, she was at 94, which was also close to the top of the stated range (100).

    Of what value is this number- the 127? Does it mean her body couldn't even handle the breading on the chicken? This certainly could explain 2 years of chronic exhaustion and weight gain.


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    Sorry I can't answer your question, but I would highly recommend she take probiotics and eat fermented foods to get her healthy gut flora back. This will definitely help with her immune function and fat loss.
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      Rachel in another post you talk about your oestrogen dominance and low B12 and D. Was your family vegetarian or vegan?


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        (she also mentioned eating conventional meat)

        I have no idea why you would be dealing with this in both your daughter and you, considering you have been eating primally for the past year(though I will ad a +1 to the hell that is your daughters school situation from another thread you were on. Thats just crazy!) I can only guess that it might be due to not enough fat? Maybe you need to add digestive enzymes? or more offal?
        Its great that she reacted so well to the B12 supplement. If you weren't supplementing with D before, I glad you are now. I heard so many times from people even in very sunny areas and spent a ton of time in the sun, being D deficient.
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