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Consuming excess calories for weight/muscle gain?

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  • Consuming excess calories for weight/muscle gain?

    If one is consuming excess calories to gain muscle mass is it best to increase a specific macro or maintain the same ratio of macros as one would to maintain weight?

    For instance, if I need 2800 calories to maintain 175 lbs and I'm eating 175g protein, 100g carb and ~190g fat it works out to:

    25% protein
    14% carb
    61% fat

    If I increase my calories to 3300 should I keep the percentages the same? That would work out to:

    206g protein
    116g carb
    224g fat 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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      I'd increase everything. Basically I pick my target body weight, work out what I'd need to maintain if I was at my target, and eat that until I reach my target.

      If I'd increase anything more, it would be carbs on workout days, simply because all the heavy lifting will make you need the glycogen.
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        Originally posted by Charlie Golf View Post
        No one?
        I would say keeping the macro nutrient %'s the same could be an okay way to go. However, I would almost want to argue that an increase in protein could give you the muscle mass goals you desire with the corresponding heavy weight workout regimen in place. That is from my years of weight training, however and hearing about the virtues of protein extolled endlessly. Hopefully a more informed opinion weighs in. good luck.


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