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Coconut Cream = Crack

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  • Coconut Cream = Crack

    I can't get enough of it. Well, i probably eat way too much of it and it might be stalling my weightloss. I mix it up with my hands to warm it up and blend in the oil that has separated out during storage, and then put it in the fridge to set and, omg, it tastes like white chocolate. It's heaven. Surely it can't be good for us if it tastes this good?! Unfortunately it contains a whopping 660 calories per 100g, which is what I seem to be getting through per day - this is bound to stop me losing weight isn't it?

    I have just bought some pure cocao nibs to mix in with the next lot and I plan to put the mixture into a silicone ice cube tray before fridging. Hopefully the division of smaller portions will help me eat less of it. Has anyone tried this with the addition of vanilla beans?

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    The language in this discussion always seems to get muddy. I'll try to elucidate. If you stopped eating the coconut cream and kept everything else constant, of course you would lose more weight, because you would be eating much less. But even having a higher caloric intake isn't necessarily going to keep someone from steadily losing weight. It takes a while but if we focus on getting really healthy in the long term, weight loss tends to be the consequence of restoring metabolic health.

    Coconut fat is not in any way shape or form the enemy. All of that coconut fat is healthy and is helping you out. Being hungry or unsatisfied with what you eat is an enemy. Metabolic health is an ally and the only one worth having.

    I have mixed very thick coconut milk with anything you can think of! Cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, bananas, mmm.
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      Awesome, thank you, sounds like good news to me

      I have read a lot of useful and knowledgable replies from your good self - how do you know so much about nutrition etc.?


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        I have an opened box of creamed coconut in the cupboard. I have to limit myself to a teaspoon or two at a time, or I'd eat the whole damned thing.
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          Coconut cream concentrate... how close is it to coconut manna & coconut butter? I just bought some from Tropical Traditions, waiting for it to come.
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