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  • Low energy

    I read about how much energy people have on Primal, but I'm not really experiencing that right now. I've been doing it since February and right now I'm really low energy.
    Are there things you do or take to increase your energy levels?

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    Eat more fat.
    Get more sleep.
    Take adequate vitamin D.
    Check macro-nutrients for deficiencies.
    Try a slight carb refeed (depending on how LC you're going).

    If all those fail check hormones.


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      How do you check hormones?


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        you may be too low carb. too low carb (below 50) saps my energy

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          I have problems with extreme fatigue and have for many years. While switching to PB helped a ton, I still am not really normal. But recently I have been having very good energy. I have found that a combination of a few nutritional deficiencies combined with some sleep disruption was really sapping my energy. I have found these things helpful

          1. Get my Vitamin D levels checked and supplement in to the upper end of normal.
          2. Eat bone marrow and bone broths at least weekly.
          3. Eliminate all caffeine - annoying but very helpful.
          4. I use Mg oil and a good quality B vitamin with methylated B12.
          5. I seem to have several foods that contribute to fatigue - dairy is one. I think that it looks like nuts may be a problem too.

          It is a big problem to not have any energy....hope you can figure something to help.
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            Originally posted by Nomad1 View Post
            How do you check hormones?
            Go to doctor, ask about hormones. (T3, T4 are what I hear the most about, but I have no direct experience.)


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              I had my thyroid and those hormones checked last year and everything checked out.

              Maybe it's the weather, it's been so gloomy this year. My diet is pretty strict. I supplement with liquid Vitamin D, magnesium, sometimes fish oil.


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                Ditto on the Vitamin D. Having a smoothie with a table spoon full of chia seeds works pretty good also.


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                  I have been dealing with fatigue for about 7 years. I found on whole30 I felt worse, I figure it was too low carb (I cut out fruit as well). Problem is increasing carbs means my blood sugar starts to become a rollercoaster and I get carb cravings again. It's a bit of a balancing act!
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