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Best place to get or buy Coconut Cream/Milk

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  • Best place to get or buy Coconut Cream/Milk

    I used to love coconut and still do but seems every store bought carton or can of coconut cream or milk tastes off to me. I don't know if its how they process it or what, but it tastes sour and upsets my stomach. When I buy a fresh coconut and have some of the coconut flesh It tastes sweet and no problems. Should I just by fresh coconuts and use some water, some of the coconut water and the coconut flesh and mix or blend it all together?

    Does anyone else have same problem as me or not? I have no problems with having cream at all, except if its ultra pasteurized, that stuff makes me want to vomit.

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    Most canned coconut milk contains emulsifiers and/or preservatives, maybe you have very fine tuned taste buds. You can make your own milk with fresh coconut, dried unsweetened coconut or shredded frozen coconut. You might see if you can find Native Forest brand, it is usually very highly rated and has no BPA in the cans. If that doesn't suit you then go the DIY approach.


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      If it's a problem, go ahead and make it yourself. Search youtube (gosh, I feel like an advertiser - this is perhaps the 5th time I pass over this idea/suggestion, lol)


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        Native Forest is available on Amazon for 24.90 per case of 12. Bump the order another 10 cents and shipping is free.


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          I ordered Chao Thai brand powder to put in my coffee and home made meal replacement powder(I came up with a recipe mimicing Mark's) . It has been consistently good. Got it off Amazon.