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multi-vitamin with soybean oil: take it or toss it?

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  • multi-vitamin with soybean oil: take it or toss it?

    My wife bought me a new bottle of multi-vitamins just as my last bottle was running out. Looking over the ingredients, I'm pretty happy (for the most part) with the types and amounts of micronutrients and minerals provided.

    BUT...the very first ingredient is soybean oil. The eeeeeeeevil soybean oil. The oxidized-omega-6-containing, death-bringing soybean oil. It amounts to 1 gram per capsule. Is my wife trying to kill me slowly?

    I don't relish the idea of knowingly and willingly consuming what is surely industrial-grade soybean oil, but 1g per day seems pretty darn insignificant. If you were going to take a multi-vitamin one way or the other would you just suck it up and take these capsules for the next 180 days, or toss/give away the whole $15 bottle and buy something else?

    Also, please don't hijack this thread with a discussion about the merits (or lack of merits) of multi-vitamin supplementation.
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    I just can't make myself worry about 1 gram of soybean oil a day, ya know? My current D3 supplement has soybean oil. When I'm ready to restock, I'll be switching brands, but I'm not going to worry about it in the meantime.
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      At least better than what Centrum is using: partially hydrogenated palm oil trans fat.


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        I'd take it - it is MINOR

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          I know I could not afford to toss $15 of vitamins over 1g soybean oil.
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            Originally posted by gojirama View Post
            I know I could not afford to toss $15 of vitamins over 1g soybean oil.
            Only you can solve your financial problems, nobody else can.

            Also, that's 1g per day.

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