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Primal Empowerment (to help those starting out/feeling down)

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  • Primal Empowerment (to help those starting out/feeling down)

    This may be a stupid idea but what if we all just posted an inspiring moment, quote, or just motto about eating & living a word of advice for newbies (like me!) or just for someone on a bad day (think of what Good Day you would say to Less Good Day you)...

    Here I go:
    You've taken the first step - any mishaps along the way are just part of life as long as you stick to this same road to a better, stronger, healthier lifestyle! Do a sprint, eat 5 eggs scrambled, don't eat if you're not hungry. Rest, relax, sleep, play. Stop stressing & stop over-thinking. Live in the present before it runs out of your hands, and remind yourself of how strong you are every morning - even if you ate the whole chocolate bar and a tub of ice cream. You can always get back on track. I don't even like cupcakes anymore! And I likes me some meat. Now THAT'S Primal!

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    Oh and sorry if this is OT!