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  • grass fed ground beef...

    almost every day... I have 2-3 grass fed at lunch, with lots of raw spinach...and dinner I have them with tons of cauliflower rice,.. brocoli rice... with added butter sauteed onions....they are grass fed except that last month or so, it's all that I can find here in B.C.,, but, apparently, that last month doesn't do enough damage to the meat nutritionally.

    anyways, my question is, this is alot of meat to eat each day?... I also have two eggs per day...nuts, seeds, a little bit of full fat greek yogurt with berries... and also a cup of celery juice each day.....

    i am lean and feel wonderful...but sometimes i get caught up in that 'fear based' media hype of too much meat...or animal's one thing to have one small portion of beef each day, but three large patties?.....

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    No, eat as much as you like.
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      cool.... will keep eating as I have been..... i totally enjoy each and every meal...and consume probably 12 servings or more of raw veggies each day...easy to eat that much when they're all rice sized....not to mention i grease the cookie sheet SUPER thick with coconut oil...the hamburgers go on that...then the burger grease and coconut that's melted gets drizzed all over the raw veggies...heaven...!!


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        I could live off of grass-fed burgers. They're definitely a main staple in my diet. I'd rather have a good burger than a steak any day.


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          You perhaps need to work in more parts of the animal. You will see lots of posts here about eating "variety cuts". Also, Grok and Grokina typically ate a wide variety of foods. If you eat a very limited range of foods, there is a good chance you are missing some nutrients.

          But if the things you eat are what your body wants, trust your body. Just try to work in some variety.

          Oh, and you do need to eat a variety of veggies.
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            Fear of CW is why most of us are here. Just "Eat It". Cues up Weird Al.


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              Actually, ground beef may contain a variety of animal tissues, already. You need to ask the farmer/retailer to find out. It could actually a better choice than steak (though I prefer steak!) In the 1930's they used to add liver to ground beef.

              See below:

              From Wiki:
              In a study in the USA in 2008, eight different brands of fast food hamburgers were evaluated for water content by weight and recognizable tissue types using morphological techniques that are commonly used in the evaluation of tissue's histological condition. The study found that the content of the hamburgers included:

              * Water content 37.7% to 62.4% (mean, 49%)
              * Meat content 2.1% to 14.8% (median, 12.1%)
              * Skeletal tissue
              * Connective tissue
              * Blood vessels
              * Peripheral nerve tissue
              * Plant material
              * Adipose tissue
              * Bone and Cartilage ("Bone and cartilage, observed in some brands, were not expected; their presence may be related to the use of mechanical separation in the processing of the meat from the animal. Small amounts of bone and cartilage may have been detached during the separation process")[5]
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                I can usually put down a 1lb package of ground beef by myself and still have room left over for salad... haha 2-3 isn't too much