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Need a reference to prove that saturated fat is actually good for you

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  • Need a reference to prove that saturated fat is actually good for you

    Someone noticed that I eat a lot of fat, and has an honest question about how on earth fat, especially saturated fat, can be good for you. I blabbered something about when you don't eat fat with carbs it is healthy... but I'd like to provide an article or scholarly article that they can read. Help

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    Just about any of the books and papers about paleo/primal style of eating. Check Mark's blog too.
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      27 studies show saturated fat raises HDL : LC Research/Media Forum : Active Low-Carber Forums has a reference to "Effect of dietary fatty acids on serum lipids and lipoproteins. A meta-analysis of 27 trials." - go look for that one.
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        You could also point out that your body stores extra calories as saturated fat, why would you body store extra calories as poison?
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          Yes, if you google, there are plenty of recent studies that discuss the benefits of eating saturated fat. You can also check out The Lipid Hypothesis as well.