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Peanut Butter fall into the "OK" category?

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  • Peanut Butter fall into the "OK" category?

    Hey all!

    What's your point of view on eating a tablespoon or two (nomore) of beanut butter , every other day?
    I am talking about natural non-processed peanut butter without added sugar and other preservatives.

    Thanks in advance

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    If I cheat it is with a few peanuts. I love almond butter, but it makes me gain weight.


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      It's a legume, so not primal. But the amount you describe should be an OK 20%.

      I don't particularly like most "substitutes" but almond butter does taste better than peanut to me. (Though I don't understand people who say that after tasting almond butter, peanut butter tastes like repulsive crap and they'll never eat it again. Different strokes, I guess.)

      One great thing about almond for me is that I can get locally grown.
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        Not for me. I'd prefer to avoid the aflatoxins.
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          I was eating up to a jar a day until I stopped recently. This amount definately gave me GI-issues. If this isn't the case for you and you can get high quality and generally control your intake (lot of if's ;p) I would treat it as any other nut/seed butter


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            I'd just get almond butter. I don't see the point of peanut butter when there's is something that's easy to get and just as good. At least in my opinion. Of course, I still think nuts are something to eat in moderation so I wouldn't go crazy on the almond butter, either.


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              PB isn't worth it for me personally, especially compared to almond butter.
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                At the amounts you are taking it is not too big of a deal. I think the others are just pointing out that there are better options like almond butter out there.
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                  I use a little natural peanut butter in the evenings with celery to fill up and skip dinner.