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Does it take awhile for your body to adjust?

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  • Does it take awhile for your body to adjust?

    Hi, new here

    So, a brief background and my question. On Easter I went on a sugar binge and felt horrible. I decided not to eat sugar the next day and coincidentally, I found the movie Fat Head on netflix at the same time. So wednesday April 27th I just jumped in with both feet.

    Since then I have eaten no white sugar, no honey, no other added sugars, no fruit juice, no fruit spread or jelly, no grains at all (I've gone GF in the past but this time I cut them all out), no corn. I did have one serving of potatoes one day but am otherwise avoiding them too. I also eat fruit every day but not that much (one or two servings a day - not much is in season yet anyway). I've added fat and meat back into my diet (was low fat and practically vegetarian for over a year before this).

    The first week I lost 6 pounds! And then it pretty much stopped. In the second week I've lost less than 1/2 lb.

    I'm 5'5" and 225 lbs (female) so I obviously could stand to lose more. But I'm wondering if I just need to give my body time to get used to this? Tomorrow will be 2 weeks eating this way. Does my body just need to get used to it before I start regularly losing weight?

    But in other news - I feel fantastic I have SO much energy it's unbelievable. I've started Mark's recommendations for exercise. Working on the pushups (still at the knees). And since the weather is so nice here, I've had no problem getting out and walking every day. I find myself spontaneously running up hills and racing my kids to the car when we leave playgrounds just because I have so much energy (I think both of those count as the sprinting ) My daughter keeps poking fun at me and asking how many cups of coffee I've had (the answer is usually zero, lol!).

    So I'm going to keep with this even if I don't lose weight because obviously, it's making my body very, very happy I'm just wondering if I just need to be patient for the weight loss part?

    Thanks in advance for reading my novel

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    Hola Shannon-

    I'm stoked you've started down this path because it's so worth it. I think you know the answer, but thought I would second what you're already thinking and that is yes it takes time for your body to adjust. The first week is usually all water weight loss, then you get down to the nitty-gritty.

    It takes years to do the damage we do and we can't expect to fix it over night so be patient and do your thing and it will fall into place- trust me!
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      Shannon yes, it can take a while to adjust. Give it a few more weeks and keep doing the exercises. I haven't lost weight in the past three weeks but I went down a pant size! If you are still stalled after 3-4 more weeks, you can check out Mark's article about plateaus:
      17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight | Mark's Daily Apple
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        I can also confirm it takes a while to adjust. However, the quicker you're able to stray from evil foods, the quicker the while. I considered I had adjusted once I was able to do 10-hr fasts comfortably. And that process took quite a few months (six). But the thing is that during the first four months, I did not have the opportunity to switch completely paleo at every meal, due to office-meals. Once I was relieved of that constraint, within two weeks, I felt much better, having completely gone paleo.

        Good luck !
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          I just went essentially no-carb paleo. For a while I was eating fruit, but I cut that out except a couple of slices of apple or some berries. I added more fat. For several days I was fuzzy, but now I feel great and the weight has started coming off. I'm already pretty thin, but now I'm hoping for a six pack in a few weeks. Stick with it and you'll feel fantastic, lose weight, and live happier.


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            Shannon, I'm similar height and weight and I'm approaching 3 weeks. In my case, the adjustment has not been in my conscious control--definitely in my body's control. After the first few days (during which I had a caffeine headache and craved sugar BAD) I found food tasting much better and what tasted best was the Primal foods. I had planned a very gradual transition but had to ditch that idea because my body wanted more whole foods.

            The biggest changes for me have been that I don't bloat and feel fatigued after meals and my energy level is high as soon as I wake up. I haven't craved processed sugars or grains, but I'm extremely hungry for grapefruit and berries. I haven't been sure how much discipline to impose on my fruit eating--I haven't been over the carb sweet spot, but my carbs are at least half fruit.

            The good news is that my 16-year old grandson, who is staying with me, has developed a taste for celery root and rutabagas! He always liked meat, of course. He's still eating carbs and I haven't tried to dictate to him but I can tell he's reacting to my Primal approach because he's torn about whether to eat his favorite carbs or not. I'm letting him figure that out.

            Edit: I forgot to mention weight, I think. Grok didn't have a scale and I took no before/after measurements. I can say pants that were getting TOO tight out of the dryer are now more comfortable. A friend commented I'd lost weight. And, a joke you'll understand, I can put my foot on the other thigh without using my hand to force it up there. LOL I think what I'm saying is, relax about pounds and enjoy living Primal. What is meant to be will be.
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              I am not too sure I agree that it takes awhile for your body to adjust before you start to "regularly loose weight".

              At least not in the context in which you describe.

              Now... It does take some time for your body to adjust to the lower carb lifestyle. PRIOR to that adjustment, you can expect to feel tire and run down, and BLAH.

              Also, during the time of adjustment (and perhaps just after), you can expect FASTER than usual weight loss, but a lot of the loss will be water. AFTER that, your body DOES adjust to "regular" weight loss, which can be expected to be SLOWER than the initial weight loss.

              So, slower weight loss IS the "regular" weight loss.

              Now, 1/2 a pound a week is slower than what I would expect. But, I would not say that it's too slow because your body has yet to adjust, and you just need to maintain the status quo.

              You are probably having a bit of a rebound from your initial loss. But if you want to get back to loosing more rapidly (couple pounds a week), you should probably consider additional dietary changes. For example, no more occasional potatos; less fruit; more protein and fat.


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                Thanks for the responses

                I don't know why, but this has been a very easy adjustment for me. I didn't have any carb withdrawl symptoms like others have had. Though maybe it helped that I did this after the Easter binge so I was really sick of sugar, lol!

                It took about a week before the high energy hit. So week 1 I just felt normal and week 2 I started feeling awesome So you know, maybe I should be patient and see what happens in, say, week 3 or 4.

                I think I will give it a little more time before I start tweaking anything.

                "I think what I'm saying is, relax about pounds and enjoy living Primal. What is meant to be will be. "

                If I never lose another pound, I'll still stick with this. Seriously, I feel so good! So much better than I did before. Wow


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                  That was my experience too. I feel much healthier, and although I have lost weight (and I sure don't mind it), I didn't go into this as a means of losing weight.

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