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Question About Jack LaLanne and His Eating Habits



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  • Question About Jack LaLanne and His Eating Habits

    When I try to explain the bennies of Primal/paleo vs. low-fat eating, I run across examples like the late, great, Jack. He was a low-fat, not dairy, no meat except fish kind of guy. People say "Look at Jack! This is what he did and lived a really long time and was totally healthy."
    So, how does one handle this kind discussion?

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    To infer a causal relationship, you have to conduct a controlled experiment. Simply observing something passively, and guessing what caused it to be that way, is insufficient.

    So Jack LaLanne ate a certain way and lived to be a certain age. It's possible he would have lived even longer, had he eaten differently. He could be an anomaly. Perhaps 99 other people ate the same way he did, lived the same way he did, and died at 40. Perhaps his diet and lifestyle has a 99% chance of killing you at 40, and he is the lucky 1% that survived. We really don't know, because we don't have enough data for a valid comparison.

    The correct way to determine the effect of a diet is to get a large group, randomize them into smaller subgroups (that should be roughly equivalent), and have them eat different diets while keeping other variables constant. Picking out individual anecdotes does not count.
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      Simple...They don't know Jack! lol

      First, what you have to do is separate fact from fiction. Easy as can be right her cause we have the youtubes!

      Jack was not a "no meat but fish" guy. He recommended meat, fish, fowel and eggs in this. One at each and every meal. Lots of veggies and some fruit with minimal (piece of toast in the morning) grains. Dude, Jack was the definition of 80/20 style primal!

      He did try to keep dairy fat low, but you have to remember the era he was in. He got a surprising amount right for all the misinformation floating around at the time.

      His greater message of natural, unprocessed, high quality food stands.
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        When Jack passed, Mark did a nice blog post on him and his diet here:

        Jack LaLanne died last week. He was 96, still a bit sweaty from his morning workout when they found him, and had a vicegrip of a handshake that could crush