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  • Autoimmune rebuild diet help

    I have a daughter (age 9) and spouse with different autoimmune conditions (vitiligo and interstitial cystitis, respectively). We mostly eat primal so it's not as if we're making drastic nutrition mistakes. We don't have "easy wins" to go for, e.g. removing wheat (it's been long gone). Sometimes we take foods out or put other ones in (we're inconsistent on things like eggs, nuts, nightshades, quinoa, etc.). If removing a few obvious bad foods is not working, and you really want to reset things, it might be best to use a "reset" diet, and start over (like you're a baby, I'm told) rather than an elimination diet which can be confusing. This idea resonates with me a lot. But I don't have much conviction about which food to start with. If you were doing an inverse pyramid (start with a narrow range of foods and add back others only as you get more healthy), what food would you put at the very bottom of the inverse pyramid to start with for the first couple weeks? Then what would be the first things you'd add back? Can anyone point to a protocol? We're more than happy to do this but don't want to get even more restrictive for a 9-year old without some conviction about what should be at the foundation. She eats NO wheat, NO dairy, NO sweets (decent amount of fruit), very modest level of other grains, and isn't making much progress. I want to go for a complete reset. Thanks!