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Glucose Tolerance Test Results



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  • Glucose Tolerance Test Results

    I've been experiencing some pretty scary symptoms as of late - brain fog, inability to focus, memory loss, dizzyness, body aches. I found out I have tachycardia, which is fun (resting heart rate often over 100). I decided to have a glucose tolerance test done, and ordered a five-sample test from a direct lab supplier.

    The results are below. I'm not looking for any medical advice, but I'm going to see a doctor next week and would like some ideas about things to ask. Am I correct in thinking that the last glucose drop is indicative of hypoglycemia?

    Thanks for your help and opinions.

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    It looks like it to me; more importantly, at that time of the test did you feel like your energy is sapped? If so, it's indicative of your insulin levels still elevated. 179 to 192 to me looks like it's too high; however, the 2hr more looks like it's going back to normal, them wham, 3 hours it flat lines.

    What interests me though is your fasting insulin as that can be a predictor in ones body mass.. the higher the fasting insulin, the more fat one carries. I've heard this was measured in micro-grams, but trying to look this up is futile.. lol. Either way I heard the range someone should be in is 3-8; however the lower the better, like in the 3-5 range. I don't know if that number is measured in uIU/ml

    Either way the way to reduce fasting insulin numbers is to well.. fast for extended periods.


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      Are you low carbing? It looks like you don't have a glycogen store to draw on. However, serum glucose levels are volatile and a repeat test might be a lot different.


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        I wouldn't base my future actions on a single test. All they reveal is a moment in time. Second a repeat test.


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          First off be sure about your current lifestyle and previous history. A good clinician should focus on this predominately. Then you can get a more comprehensive work up. Make sure you work with a doctor who looks for root cause. For instance "I have tachycardia"....tachycardia isn't an actionable diagnosis. You need to ask and discover why you have tachycardia. Same with your other symptoms. Again, much of this will come from the history you provide (timing, frequency, duration and intensity of episodes) in conjunction with additional testing. Good luck....and if you aren't eating primal/paleo certainly start there!
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