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Postpartum rabbit pellet poop - please help!



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  • Postpartum rabbit pellet poop - please help!

    I'm 8 weeks postpartum. For the last 15 years or so I've had mild/mod diarrhea most days. "Diagnosed" with IBS a few years ago. Gave birth 8 weeks ago. Some wonderful hemorrhoids have now taken up residence. Unfortunately I think one has thrombosed and I'm pretty uncomfortable. Not helping the situation is that I now poop rabbit pellets. Literally - like one falls out at a time and then a bunch stuck together force their way out and any gains on the hemorrhoid front is reversed.

    I'm breastfeeding and little one is a monster (he's put on 6 lbs in 8 weeks - gone from 25th percentile at birth to 72nd as of this morning) - I have no idea how many ounces per day he is getting but I'd imagine its more than the 24 minimum the medical community suggests. I'm drinking a minimum of 3L per day - usually 2 L is seltzer (made from Soda Stream with a splash of OJ) and 1 L is kombucha (GT Gingerade). Sometimes I'll drink 4L a day if I pay more attention and get that 3rd liter of seltzer in. I also drink 3 1cup cups of decaf or half-caff in the morning with coconut milk and a splash of that new Nutpod stuff. I'm strict paleo. Not a single piece of non-primal food has passed my lips since he has been born. I've had dairy on 2 stand-alone occasions.

    What can I do... I need some sort of magical rabbit pellet poop fixer.

    I can't take magnesium because I co-sleep and that stuff knocks me out too much. I feel like I fall into the realm of "alcohol or drug use" (which increases the rate of SIDS) when I take it before bed. If I take it in the AM I feel like I'm doped up.

    I've tried prunes. I've tried prunes cooked in OJ. I've tried prune juice. Foods which use to pass through me undigested (apples, carrots) make no difference. I was taking Colace right after delivery but don't want to take that daily. I took it yesterday and today because the thrombosed hemorrhoid is making me really nervous...

    Here is a usual day:
    - 2-3 cups of decaf (trader joe's if it matters for some reason) with coconut cream (AroyD) and Nutpod creamer.
    - breakfast is usually 1/2 bag of frozen broccoli (8 oz), locally made breakfast sausage, 3 HB eggs with mayo (MCT oil and avocado oil, homemade) - maybe some pan fried potatoes or butternut squash
    - lunch is often 3-4 apples and some clementines (see above note about baby - attached to the boob, often no real lunch) - but if I do its a salad with dump ranch and veggies, my favorite chicken with "peanut" sauce recipe ever (I cant figure out how to insert a link...

    - dinner is veggies (salad, pan fried broccoli, sautéed zucchini, spinach, coleslaw), often pan fried potatoes and then some kind of meat - pork, chicken, beef. The usual. I always eat a bunch of clementines and an apple with almond butter for dessert.

    Admittedly the variety in my diet is down because I'm avoiding spicy foods, lots of onions and garlic, etc because little guy is colicy and maybe the avoidance of these things helps...

    I generally don't like water but if somehow some carbonation is causing problems I'll drop it.

    Please help...
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    I don't think changing carbonated to flat is going to help, as long as you feel fine with it. Not sure if this can help, but it probably won't hurt either...

    "The “fiber” that seems to do me best is resistant starch “fiber” via green bananas (in smoothies), cold cooked rice (as in rice salad), and cold cooked potatoes (great over a salad topped with vinaigrette). I also occasionally pop a bit of raw potato. I do feel these “fiber” foods help me if consumed daily."

    Good luck Lorichka!
    "Don't sweat the small stuff and relax about the whole process"


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      Has your 6-week checkup taken place yet? It might be safer to discuss it with your OB/GYN or family doctor and have a physical exam to rule out any abnormalities resulting from childbirth. Do not forego breastfeeding if that is suggested. Can you nap during the day for 15 minutes or so? Lack of magnesium has also been implicated in SIDS; so personally, I'd shift junior to his own bed for the night, and take magnesium. It sounds like you have a touch of "new baby" sleeplessness going on; that zonked out feeling is usually termed exhaustion. Hope you can figure things out.


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        Pellets means your diet lacks bulk. What I would do is add oats, brown rice, lots of beans and lentils, whole wheat (if you don't have issues), other whole grains (air-popped popcorn is a personal favorite), more potatoes and other tubers. Your digestive system needs more fiber, bulk and resistant starch which feeds your good gut bacteria.

        Yeah, it's not going to be strict paleo but it will massively improve your digestive health and poop situation. Diarrhea, pellets and hemorrhoids are the opposite of good colon/digestive health and your current diet is obviously not helping.

        And congrats on your new baby.
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          Congratulations on your new baby, he is piling on the weight so whatever you are doing is working for him. But, this is a long term project, so you must also look after yourself. Is the weight falling off you? If so, you can afford to let that happen a little less rapidly. If it's already gone then literally you are eating for two, one of whom is growing exponentially so now is not the time to limit calories.

          I am inclined to agree in part with Kim, that maybe more bulk is needed. Personally, I would try to get that from starchy veges and fruit, the likes of cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, onion (if roasted slowly these are sweet and hopefully not too strong for baby), or baked apples, ripe bananas, stewed peaches etc.

          I wouldn't choose rice, that is really able to block you up which is not what you want in this case. I also wouldn't overdo the raw fruit and veges, they do have their place but there is no need to make every meal as indigestible as possible. The whole grains and legumes are non-primal for good reasons and could potentially exacerbate your problems unless you totally get into the soaking and sprouting thing and who has time for that with a new baby?

          In my experience, including wholesome fat helps move everything along smoothly, you do have some coconut oil but I'm not sure what else. Maybe some butter with your veges.

          All the very best to you and yours.


          I know you didn't ask about the colic, and at the risk of suggesting even more limits on your food, but I'm wondering about a possible connection with high intake of brassicas and/or raw fruit. Please ignore if not helpful, I was fortunate not to have colicky babies.
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            Salt is also important. You are drinking plenty of liquids, but eating salt will keep more water in your gut and thus in your stool.
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              About colic - colic and fast growth seem to go hand in hand. Only one of mine developed it, and she was gaining weight like gangbusters, also on breast milk alone. She cried for 6 weeks straight, then tapered off to become one of the happiest babies ever. Never so much as a nightmare in her childhood. Hate to say it, but time seemed to cure her problem. More sleep and more restful sleep, plus time, might cure yours.


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                Congratulations on the new baby! Yeah!!!

                Personally, I would just up your fat.... seems to me your water and food are spot on
                but BABY BOY IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU (as they tend to do) and all the
                fat is going to HIM. Ha! Silly babies! So cute.... ANYWAY, I see you have MCT oil
                listed up there, and I know it has a rather explosive effects to those that aren't used to
                it, but if you use it daily, do you think you might be able to sneak in a tablespoon here
                and there throughout the day? Like start off with one after lunch and then maybe one
                at bed time?

                Could be a start.

                Or even coconut oil or the avocado oil if the MCT oil gives you too much energy or nervousness....

                And I hear you on eliminating foods... totally sucks. My boys both had severe silent
                acid reflux and my choices for food were pretty much down to turkey, turkey, or TURKEY....
                which made things "better" but not THAT MUCH BETTER. Sucked bad, so I feel your pain!

                Congratulations again on the sweet baby,



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                  I had the same problem during pregnancy. The only thing that worked for me was oatmeal. Not primal, don't care.
                  I ate a bowl of steel cut oats with a banana a few nights a week, and it solved the problem.


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                    For the colicky baby, have you tried giving him probiotics? (Which wouldn't be a bad idea for you if you aren't already taking them).