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I'm pregnant and I have a problem

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  • I'm pregnant and I have a problem

    Having tried to get pregnant for the last three years, I just can't believe I finally get to say this--I'm pregnant! While certainly there was medical intervention, I'm convinced that primal helped me achieve this dream.

    Here's my problem. I am about 6 weeks along. No nausea yet, but I am hungry quite a bit. Usually I eat just twice a day, but I'm finding that I need to eat three times a day. And I am finding myself craving bread and cheese: two things that I haven't been eating for months! I wondered if others went through this at all and how you negotiated these cravings. Did you relent or resist?

    Any suggestions on primal snacks that you liked when you were pregnant would be great to hear about too. I'm realizing already that I need to have more grab and go food on hand.

    I should add that my pre-pregnancy body fat was at about 22 or 23%. (142 at 5'7).

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    I'd say go for the cheese, and no harm in eating more than twice a day. Let your body guide you, but govern cravings with sensibility. WAY TO GO!!!!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      I recently had these for the first time: Cheese bun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (aka pao de queijo). They're made with cassava/tapioca flour so they're technically acceptable to eat (no grains) although they are still high in carbs.


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        CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!Wish I could help you more with the food choice thing but all I got is stay away from refined
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          Congratulations, that is an exciting time. I've never had a successful pregnancy, so I can't offer much advice for the long haul, but I remember when I was pregnant I started craving meat. I was a 10-year vegetarian, and I'd crave meat. If I were pregnant right now, I'd stick to the primal food list as much as possible just because I think it is the healthiest option for a baby and gives it a great start to life. I'm sure you'll get more scientific advice from others on here.


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            When you're pregnant, you're body is using WAY more calories than when you are not. If your body is telling you you need carbs, what it's saying is you aren't giving it enough fuel. Sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, etc are all great places for carbs. Also, make sure you're getting enough fat, especially fish oil and if you're craving cheese it may be that you're not getting enough selenium (I think that's what I'm thinking of, I'm all jacked up on coffee and my brain's not working right...) so make sure your cheese is pastured. Also, make sure you're eating plenty of pastured eggs.

            Boy, my brain sure wasn't working this morning! I forgot the most important thing: CONGRATS!!!! I'm always so happy to hear when eating primally has helped someone conceive! And you'll do great!

            GAH!!1 It took eating a large chunk of meat before my brain worked today! NOT selenium! CHOLINE!!!! >.< bleh! make sure you are getting enough choline!
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              i believe there are books out there which address a primal diet during pregnancy. i would look for cillakat's google documents about which nutrients prevent stretch marks, because you definitely don't want those. another thing, a friend of mine claims that SLATHERING shea butter all over your abdomen, hips, and breasts prevents stretch marks. she spread shea butter (she said you have to make sure it's a thick layer) all over her tummy and didn't get any stretch marks there, though she got stretch marks in other places where she didn't put the she butter. i wish i could go back in time and pay closer attention to my diet to prevent stretch marks, i'll never wear a bikini now.

              anyway, it seems your question is more about cravings. during my last pregnancy, i essentially ate a primal diet PLUS grains and some sugar. i gained more weight during that pregnancy than during either of my previous ones. i would say eat primally when you can, make it a priority. but if you're really craving a cookie, bread, ice cream, whatever, and the primal version doesn't do it for you, then don't beat yourself up about a little. (i gained a lot of weight, in part, because i was eating a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies every week). often, cravings are caused by nutritional deficiencies, but the food we crave doesn't usually contain those nutrients. so antway, i think the short answer to "what should i eat during pregnancy?" would be to emphasize greens, high fat dairy if you tolerate it, and organ meats, and don't sweat the small stuff. when/if you experience morning sickness, you might find that the only foods you can even consider eating aren't primal. during that period, eat what you can and don't sweat it (though stable blood glucose levels can help reduce morning sickness).
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                Congrats! just curious why you think Primal living helped? I may start trying in the near future and just curious.


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                  Originally posted by Saoirse View Post
                  i wish i could go back in time and pay closer attention to my diet to prevent stretch marks, i'll never wear a bikini now.
                  I hear ya on this one!! My tummy is covered with them! I refused a bikini for years and years but I got over it and now I wear one. I like them so I can get as much sun exposure as possible and I like all of me if people don`t like it turn away or kiss my sunkissed ass lol.
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                    patty, maybe someday i'll reach that point. it doesn't help that i've always been rather modest and somewhat ashamed of my body. such a shame, i had a bikini body before stretch marks, but i never wore a bikini because i was too religiously modest.
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                      Many congratulations!
                      ~ Chris

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                        Pregnancy is a whole different game. If you want to eat bread and cheese... Eat bread and cheese. You can do it without going overboard. So maybe you'll be less than 80% primal for the next seven and a half months... Locking yourself into a diet plan may not be the best thing for you.


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                          That's is so wonderful! Congratulations!

                          I recently listened to a podcast from The Healthy Skeptic, Chris Kresser, and you definitely shouldn't worry about calorie consumption. Eat when you feel like, but try and stick to primal/paleo/you-know.

                          Cravings are a strange matter, and I believe it only gets stranger when being pregnancy-cravings, haha


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                            Thank you, everyone, for the warm wishes and wisdom! I'm going to aim to eat primally. I do think part of the issue is that I just need to eat MORE, which I'm not used to (and I forgot to mention--I may be having twins--stand by for more on that in a week or so)! So, I may be eating for three rather than two. And if I have to have bread, I may succumb. I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, but salmon and green beans for lunch.

                            Jens522: I don't know definitively that primal is the reason I got pregnant. I did a lot of other things at the same time: acupuncture (which I am still doing), had my vitamin D tested, which I was deficient in, increased omega 3 oils, etc. And like I said, there was some medical intervention here (IVF). But because of my age (just turned 42) the doctors gave me about a 10% chance of conceiving. Doctors kept telling me, your eggs are old. That is often what they say when there is undiagnosable infertility. But my acupuncturist didn't think that was the problem: she felt it was an implantation problem, and that some dietary changes would help with that. Sure enough, when I had the egg retrieval, I ended up with 9 eggs, and 100% fertilization. The doctor couldn't believe it.

                            The crazy thing is that we weren't going to do IVF, but my doctor told me about a study that I would be a perfect candidate for and we ended up being able to do it for free. It is sort of like the universe was saying--go for it! I'm so glad we did!



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                              That's so wonderful, DMC! Enjoy every minute and WOW on the possible twins. GOOD LUCK!!