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Higher HDL associated with better cognitive function



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  • Higher HDL associated with better cognitive function

    Title says it all

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    Kind of a "well duh" study IMHO. We shouldn't encourage these guys to continue this line of thought, it might hurt statin sales. TC > 100 is damned scary, dontcha know.
    from the abstract, bolded:
    A. Hmm, pass the money, please?
    B. Yup, us oldsters > 60 are kind of "by definition" survivors.

    "Significant positive associations were observed between HDL-cholesterol and the Global Composite score, Working Memory, and the MMSE after adjustment for demographic and cardiovascular risk factors. Participants with desirable levels of HDL (≥60 mg/dL) had the highest scores on all cognitive outcomes. There were no significant associations observed between TC, LDL, or triglyceride concentrations and cognition. In older individuals, HDL-cholesterol was related to a composite of Working Memory tests and for general measures of cognitive ability when adjusted for cardiovascular variables. We speculate that persons over 60 are survivors and thus less likely to show cognitive deficit in relation to TC, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides. Longitudinal studies are needed to examine relations between specific cognitive abilities and the different subcategories of cholesterol."
    Finally have given up on MDA Forum.
    My friends, I'll see ya at where I'm user #4, and we do have a moderator.


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      Yeah, it is a "well duh" study to most of us here. We all know what increases HDL!