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    Hi everyone! Mari here, a returning member & new Mom. I tried Primal with my husband a few years back, lost some weight, felt great and did well for about a year, then I'm not sure what happened! We're giving it another go, and now have a little 9 month old daughter!

    I'm currently breastfeeding and wondering if anyone has tips on how to maintain milk production while transitioning to the Primal diet. Does Primal boost or decrease production? Should I be careful with calorie/carb consumption even though I'm trying to lose the extra baby weight? My goal is about 20 lbs at this point, but definitely don't want to compromise how much milk I can provide to the little one.

    Any tips will be helpful! Thanks!

    Btw - I've noticed quite a big decrease in my milk production in the past few days, and I'm wondering if it's because of my carb intake.

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    Probably. Wait till you wean the baby before making drastic diet changes. As I understand it, about 1/3 of extra baby weight is due to increased blood volume and vascularity, and after the birth, this weight starts to decrease. About 1/3 is needed to be the foundation for abundant breast milk. I forget, but think the other third was the baby. In any case,, you should have lost most of any extra pounds added during pregnancy. But at 9 months of age, your baby should not be totally reliant on breast milk, but be eating a wide variety of "normal" foods. I know they pull faces, but babies can also drink plain water for extra moisture when their dietary needs are already met.


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      Primal will be terrific for you and your baby. Its certainly an optimal approach for a new mother and child. Milk production wont suffer a bit if you are not excessive about reducing calories. During breast feeding isn't necessarily the time to purposely reduce calorie intake. Go ahead and eat your fill of primal approved carbs as well. Normally you wont be exceeding the 150g/day mark even when given ad libitum primal carb intake.

      When you are done breastfeeding you can cut the carbs and employ some intermittent fasting to knock out 20lbs relatively quickly.

      We did exclusive breast feeding for the first full year with both our boys and I would certainly do that again. The only change I might make would be to employ baby lead weaning at that year mark rather than giving them mush.

      Congrats again on both the baby and the choice to nourish both your daughter and yourself!
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        Originally posted by taina747 View Post

        Btw - I've noticed quite a big decrease in my milk production in the past few days, and I'm wondering if it's because of my carb intake.
        I don't know how you are assessing a decrease in milk supply. Maybe production hasn't decreased at all but just become more efficient as a result of regular demand by baby.

        Alternatively, if baby is starting to take more solid food and less breastmilk then your supply would decrease naturally which is as it should be.

        Another possibility is that baby is wanting to feed more often in order to build up your supply, it does not mean your production has decreased but that her needs have increased.

        Whatever, I agree with those who say primal will be great for both your and your baby's health, good work and keep it up

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          Thank you all for the feedback!