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  • Eastern Europe Trip

    My GF and I going to eastern Europe in July and wondering any of you'all had primal tips for the trip? Hitting up Prague, Krakow, Slovaki, and Vienna. Many Thanks, Eric

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    Eat what the locals eat. Forget about restrictions, except the necessary ones (allergies, etc.). Enjoy life.
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      Unless you travel Europe all the time I agree with sharperhawk. Enjoy some rustic local cuisine if you can. Hell....I took a trip to Chicago and made sure to have some deep dish pizza! Chicago ain't Europe, I still call all bets off on vacation. Disclaimer is...I am not gluten intolerant or dairy intolerant. I've done elimination/reintroduction and know my tolerances very well. I stay primal because it makes sense on all levels, but indulge on vacation. Back to primal once home.

      On the other hand....if you want to stay primal (which is totally great) it's as easy there as anywhere else. Meat and vegetable dishes are available most anywhere!
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