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Did I just kick myself out of ketosis?



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  • Did I just kick myself out of ketosis?

    I think I messed up. I am in ketosis but I (without realizing what I was doing) had 79 grams of protein within the course of 3 hours. Don't ask how I did it, it was a stupid mistake. I know you're body can only process so much of the stuff at one time, and 79 grams is waaaaay too much. But anyways....Did I just kick myself out of ketosis?

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    Possibly, but it's not the end of the world. You'll go back in as soon as you've used up that glucose. When I overdo it with protein (which happens more than I would like), I just fast for 18-24 hours, and eat a couple of fat heavy meals. Mark talks about flitting in and out of ketosis, and overeating protein doesn't mean you'll be out of it for weeks on end. Just do your best at the next meal and you'll be back to burning fat in no time.


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      Protein kicking you out of ketosis is a bit different than carbs kicking you out from my vague and fuzzy non medical background from where my pharmacist and atkinser friend described to me. Let me see if I can explain it.
      This may not apply to all protein, cos some protein like whey the insulin hits late and long.

      Carbs create an insulin spike that is a big high and lasts a long time. I'm assuming sucrose consumption here. Frustose is worse, glucose is not as bad. That area under the curve - AUC for short while present you will not burn fat. Carbs are fast burning or they have to be converted to fat and deposited, which the insulin does then it stays around to prevent you from burning fat for a long time and that lowers your metabolic rate. So calories are in via carbs, insulin is up, calories are quickly turned to fat, and insulin stays around and keeps that fat protected and leaves you lethargic and lacking energy. AUC is larger than the carb metabolism time frame.

      Protein by comparison causes insulin to rise slowly. and as it gets digested your body has a slow ramp where it can use it, use it to repair damaged tissue and deposit some of it but as the protein fades away so does the insulin. That means you have not spent much time with insulin and no calories to use. Your metabolic rate has not dropped a significant amount. AUC follows the protein digestion time frame. Yes you're burning the intake protein but when you're done, you're back to burning fat.



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        I don't know. Dr Ted Naiman just said that the idea that protein causes gluconeogenesis is "hugely overblown". I tend to trust Ted.

        Tᕮᗪ ⚡️ ᑎᗩIᗰᗩᑎþ @tednaiman
        Apr 29

        Hugely overblown. Even in massive protein overfeeding, very little protein actually converted to glucose.