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Do I have the keto flu??



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  • Do I have the keto flu??

    Iíve am going into week 3 of eating keto. Meaning Iím getting the right portions of carbs/protein/fat that would theoretically put me in ketosis. I hear about people getting the ďketo fluĒ and I am wondering if that is what I have now. I feel out of it, and I have had this odd stomach ache for about 24 hours now. I just think that itís weird because Iím in week 3 and itís just now happening to me. It is actually freaking me out, and I am panicking a little bit. If itís just the keto flu and it will pass, then that will help me calm down. But I need some advice from an experienced keto person. The stomach ache is what really worrying me.

    Note: I am drinking lots of water, and I am making sure that I am getting my potassium, sodium, and magnesium through chicken bouillon and the like.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    I can't imagine why you would look to chicken bouillon as a nutrient source, beyond salt. Which may be readily had from a shaker. Potassium? Forget it. The best sources of potassium are plant. By far.

    Bouillon and similar soup stocks are loaded with glutamates, which many people have negative reactions to. Try stopping the bouillon.