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Pericarditis and PB/Paleo: Information or experiences?

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  • Pericarditis and PB/Paleo: Information or experiences?

    Hi, everyone, a friend of mine has pericarditis. He's been on a bad version of the SAD for years. I've been working up the advantages of PB, and his spirit is willing, but his flesh is weak. So, if you know of anyone who recovered from pericarditis after going Paleo or have other information that might inspire him or interest him or anyone else with pericarditis, I would love to hear it.

    Thanks for your input. I would very much like my friend to get better. He is quite overweight but a lot less than some of the forum members who have posted major success stories.

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    My understanding is tht pericarditis is a very serious cardiac infection that requires antibiotic therapy. Changing this man's way of eating is not going to 'cure' him. However, healthy eating now and in the future will help him in the long term. I'm not sure, however, that making signficant dietary changes while he's trying to also recover from this serious illness is wise. The body is already stressed, and although Primal is an ideal WOE, the change in diet would initially be stressful and might be too much for him at this time.


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      Theoretically, because it's an inflammation response, it could be helped by a primal lifestyle. However, do you know if his pericarditis is idiopathic or did it result from a specific injury/infection? If it's specific, it may require a strong round of antibiotics to try and kill the infection. Either way, it's not going to harm him to go primal


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        It wasn't related to an injury or infection as far as I know.

        His diet is really terrible, and has been for years, so though I agree that changing to primal can be stressful, I wonder if it would be more stressful than his current bad diet and overweight. I don't know. The other thing is that he is very unlikely to "go primal" and just go off grains and other carbs. It would be a gradual change I am sure just because his family loves the grains and of course it's hard to shift.