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Any other alcoholics out there?



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  • Any other alcoholics out there?

    Back some years ago when this forum was hopping - really! - there were several of us that admitted to being heavy drinkers. I have carried the flag, so to speak. I've never hid or dismissed my drinking to family, friends, or doctors. My average nightly consumption is about 500ml of spirits or equivalent; I never have a hang over, my Alkaline Phosphatase liver tests always top tier. I could pedal hard, I never drank more than a small bit outside my home.

    Of course I knew I wasn't doing myself any health favors.

    Some months ago I came across a therapy that involved a cheap, generic pill. I am not making this up. I don't recall how I discovered Naltrexone and The Sinclair Method (TSM). I bought The Cure for Alcoholism book, watched the videos, and two weeks ago I asked my doctor for a prescription. The very first night, I felt less need to drink, I figured it was the placebo effect. (And if it was, so what?) I am on Day 12 and besides quenching desire, I'm drinking 70% less.

    I was quickly amazed to discover that I wasn't as top tier in the AM as I thought I was. I now have more clarity, get up earlier, and am focused on accomplishing things instead of evading them.

    Here are the resources:

    A 15 minute TEDx talk where actress Claudia Christian talks about her alcoholism, her futile, repeated therapies, and her discovery of Naltrexone ("Nal") and The Sinclair Method (TSM):

    If you have Amazon Prime, go to Movies or Videos, and seek "One Little Pill." No link provided as you have to go through the Prime portal. A 52 minute, well produced documentary. As the TEDx talk explains briefly, this movie goes into more detail about why addiction is a bio-chemical process and not a moral failure cured by will power.

    The rather boldly named book, The Cure for Alcoholism," is how Claudia Christian discovered just effective Naltroxone is. This is the full medical, research, and application results resource. Finland's national health uses TSM as the primary intervention for AUD (the fancy new name for alcoholism, Alcohol Use Disorder). Their success rate is 78% and they believe that the other 22% were mostly non-compliant.

    If this might be helpful for you or a loved one, feel free to back channel me and I'll point you to other resources and support. I may not see that I have a message here, so feel free to email me, paulv - you know what -

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    Apparently not!

    The Naltrexone continutes to work well. I was at an event last night, wine offereings staring at me for almost three hours. No desire to go get some. Got home, drank 40% of what I used to. That's more from evening habit than craving.

    Good stuff.


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      I guess to a certain extent, I used to be.

      My husband and I used to drink 1.5 bottles of wine EACH a night, and I could
      also put away a good half a 750ml bottle of my dear friend, Ron Bacardi.

      No, not on the same night as the wine.

      I was a professional drinker since I moved out of my mother's house at 18 (1987) got my own
      place an commenced partying nightly.

      When I met my husband in 1996, it was even MORE fun because he was a party person
      too and we fell into the nightly regimen of beer, wine or cocktails.. daily.

      It was never the whole "wake up with the shakes and I dun gots to drink" feeling, it was more
      of "Oh Lookie! It's Almost 5PM! Time To Party!" It was always a FUN thing, and we did it because
      that's just what we did of an evening. Rarely to the point of sloppy and slurring. Maybe twice in our
      20 years together. So no big deal there.

      It was only after we had kids that it began to niggle at me that I was maybe a little bit more dependent
      on it than I thought. It was easy to kick it twice for 9 months of pregnancy and then 10 months of nursing. Even
      the smell disgusted me. Winning!

      When my boys were toddlers, wine was a welcome escape from their constant.... um... omnipresence... not in
      the way that we let them do whatever they wanted, willy nilly, like play in the freeway or something, but you know
      kids, and kids are freaking annoying. It was nice to have the buffer of a couple glasses of wine to really not care
      that your kid is throwing a tantrum because HIS BANANA BROKE IN HALF (seriously, this happened a LOT).

      Okay, so, that said.. on the other side of the coin, as the kids got older and entered school, inevitably there were
      "open houses" and "back to school nights" which meant, no drinking.

      I found myself rather bitchy and resentful that I was NOT able to drink those nights. That's when I knew I was a little
      more addicted than I thought. Baseball game, no drinking = Bitchy. School function, no drinking = Bitchy. You name it,
      if drinking wasn't involved I would feel cheated, and, well, like I said. Bitchy.

      There came a time when I wished that I didn't crave it. I would start thinking about it at 12pm and think "five more hours until
      party time!" That's sad.

      I spoke with my doctor on many occasions asking if there was SOMETHING I COULD TAKE to lessen the
      cravings for booze. Nope, there was only that drug you could take, that if you even took ONE SIP you would be
      violently ill. His advice was just to "cut back" or "stop". Ha ha ha ha ha. Silly little man, I've been drinking since I was 16
      (weekends).... too late to just "cut back or stop". Please. It's all or nothing!

      I even prayed to our Sweet Lord that I don't even believe in, to make the cravings go away. Nope.

      I *DID* quit for about 6 months successfully in 2005 because I was just over being controlled by that stupid
      feeling, but that, well, only lasted 6 months, then, back at it.

      I still asked my doctor periodically if there was a drug, or God to strike me down if I reached for the Chardonnay, but
      it never happened.

      Fast forward to 4 years ago.. the day before my son's fifth grade graduation.

      My husband and I were having our nightly wine. Same as always, same as usual. Nothing different. But, OMG, the next
      day I felt like death warmed over. I BARELY made it to my son's graduation in between throwing up and a roaring headache.

      After the graduation, I spent the rest of the day, and the ENTIRE DAY AFTER in bed, and in the bathroom, throwing up.


      So that was on a dumb Wednesday or something so of course when the weekend rolled around, and me not being
      very smart, I tried again. This time we got a super DUPER nice bottle of chardonnay, thinking that of course the stuff
      I'd had the other day must have been shit and filled with Nasty Barf Chemicals.

      Well, you guessed, it same thing happened again. In bed, in a blackened room, feeling like death warmed over and hurling
      my guts out for two days straight.

      So, what did I do the next weekend? Of course! I tried again! Cuz OBVIOUSLY that's what a true drunkard does, right?

      But this time I tried Coor's Light. Yep, Piss Beer. Now usually I can pork down 12 of those suckers and have nary a
      deleterious effect, but I wasn't going to do that because that would mean that my IQ was SERIOUSLY in the double
      digits. SO, I had two. Two beers in five hours. TWO BEERS IN FIVE HOURS.

      Next day, blammo, out of it. In bed, again, blackened room and barfing my guts out.

      I've been dry ever since, cuz I broke. Not worth it. Even just typing about that damn hangover makes my
      hands sweat.

      All righty, there is my dissertation for the day because I am bored as hell at work and thought all y'all might
      get a little entertainment from it.

      The End.



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        @Julia: Ah, yes, "we" all have our stories, don't we? Mostly, exactly the same but different, as is said. I'm glad you found your solace. I have a friend who has stopped cold turkey twice. GW did, too. Pretty rare, though.

        Notice that you asked for a pill from your doctor, but he? didn't have a clue. That's the state of things. The medical community refuses to believe a pill will fix ya. The opioid crisis will not be fixed with counseling and rehab. Subatex works perfectly, but the American manufacturer will allow only specially trained physicians to prescribe, and they insist on an office visit every month. I.e., very expensive. Compare to France. Any doctor can prescribe and it's cheap through national health.

        Welcome to America. Bend over.


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          Well, I wouldn't exactly call it solace... since I miss it...... I *do* feel way smarter without
          the nightly alcohol... but still. "Once in awhile" would be nice. Not just drop dead "NEVER AGAIN, SUCKER!".

          To add insult to injury, my mother in law moved in with us close to two years ago.


          Ah well, at least my liver is happy... snort.

          Glad the Naltrexone is working for you!!! Fantastic!



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            I am not quite an alcoholic, and I'm famous for posting everywhere ... so I thought I'd not post this again, but this beauty didn't touch my ketosis and has all the benefits of red wine, if not even more.
            Fermented grape juice. Use champagne yeast and it will get to 10-12%. But more importantly, it replaces all the sugar in it that obviously causes insulin, with alcohol which doesn't. All the benefits of red wine, and none of the sugar.
            Ferment pineapple and its disgusting.
            Ferment apple+grape juice and you get a lovely "grapple wine" - which I have started ~1week ago. Supposed to be awesome.

            And pulled from - very nice for the alcoholic paleo's, I think I'm gonna take a couple of nips of home made vino in a few mins.

            Drinking liquor can in fact deepen your level of ketosis, but will slow weight loss down. Ingestion of alcohol has effects on liver metabolism, in which more ketones are produced as you drink more. When your liver is taking care of the alcohol you drink, it’s being converted to a triglyceride which can also positively affect the production of ketones.

            Be aware that many people experience a heightened level of being drunk and at a quicker rate than usual. While that may be a great thing for some, you need to be careful – especially if you’re driving. Do not drink and drive. Be very careful when on a ketogenic diet and consuming alcohol.

            Oh yea, the ketostix turn the color of the vino I have been making. Dry as the sahara, strong as any regular $20 for 5liter vino, and $2.75 for 3 liters courtesy my local Walmart. What's not to love. Get hammered, lose weight, get loads of anti oxidants and spend 20c a drink. Hey I think I can get behind this alcoholism 100%.

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              Hate to bring up this ancient thread, but in lieu of drinking 700+ml of hard liquor - ~14-15 drinks worth would it make rapid drinking preferable over slow ?
              As in, don't drink 1 drink over an hour, drink it in under a minute.

              Try as I might, I am unable to get past 8 a day.

              As I speak I am on my second drink - cheapo gin with diet ice tea, lemon and sucralose. Nice and mellow, just perfect to take the weekend slow.


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                Hey my name is Benjamin and I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

                I used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol for several years. Got very heavy into it all.

                Found complete freedom from Jesus and the primal blueprint lol!

                The Word of God tells us "do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms, spiritual songs and hymns." (Ephesians 5:18) I found that being exhilarated in the pleasure of the love of God fills me up. I am satisfied in Him. Alcohol just caused me to want more and more. It was like chasing after the wind.

                Naltrexone is great. I would recommend it. Also NA/AA is good too. But ultimately the way that Jesus has helped me get free from this slavery to chemical dependence was through relationship with Him. "Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh" (Galatians 5:16). I am no longer tempted to drug or drink anymore because I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. His love is better than anything else I've ever experienced. Sex, drugs and rock and roll don't even begin to compare with the superior pleasures of experiencing the love of God.

                And we were created to eat like the primal blueprint. Not the USDA food pyramid of death. So when we do what we were built to do, we thrive. We were created to be fascinated and delighted in God and have all our deepest longings met in Him.

                Wine is great! I like alcohol. I enjoy drinking. I think it is something great God gave us to enjoy--just like raw honey, raw cheese, cream, and cashew butter. But I think its to be enjoyed in moderation.

                I look forward to the resurrection of the dead when I can drink some super good natural red wine once again and enjoy it responsibly lol. But for right now I am one of the few that can't handle even 1 sip of a drink because it will lead me to drinking more and more and then smoking rocks, shooting smack and eating a whole lot of LSD.

                Like some are lactose-intolerant or can't tolerate fructose or are sensitive to nightshades or are very allergic to gluten or nuts or something, I have an "allergic reaction" to alcohol.

                Sorry for rambling. I get really passionate about substance abuse, Jesus, primal, barefoot, mental health and poverty.
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                  srinath I think consuming a large amount in a very small amount of time is not a good idea. Think of comparing it to sugar or caffeine. Too much too soon can give a response of a huge rush and then a crash.

                  Read that last post I made. I believe you can be free if you want to. I used to sell and use lots of drugs. Everyone thought I was going to die or end up in an insane asylum. But one day Jesus broke my chains. I know that if you ask Him for help and submit to Him that He will help you just like He did for me and many others I know.

                  Complete and total freedom IS possible my friend!

                  Jesus wants to give you a HOPE and a future without alcohol, if you want it.


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                    Originally posted by BenMercer1993 View Post
                    srinath I think consuming a large amount in a very small amount of time is not a good idea. Think of comparing it to sugar or caffeine. Too much too soon can give a response of a huge rush and then a crash.

                    Read that last post I made. I believe you can be free if you want to. I used to sell and use lots of drugs. Everyone thought I was going to die or end up in an insane asylum. But one day Jesus broke my chains. I know that if you ask Him for help and submit to Him that He will help you just like He did for me and many others I know.

                    Complete and total freedom IS possible my friend!

                    Jesus wants to give you a HOPE and a future without alcohol, if you want it.
                    Congrats on your recovery but please drop the religious pitch. This is not the place to preach. It’s actually quite offensive.


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                      Switching gears a little bit. Has anyone tried to "age" and "flavor" the cheap stuff - like this -
                      It uses the same wood chips used for smoking meat. Has anyone tried it, I'm getting tired of making some weird ass mixed concoction with these undrinkables.


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                        Religious pitch? I'm not a fan of religion either Artbuc. I like relationship. With Jesus. But not religion. I'm just simply saying what I found that has helped me tremendously.
                        Like someone sharing news about carb refeeds or sprints or even more broadly, high fat and low carb and lots of veggies. Isn't that what this site is all about? We're all just sharing ideas about what we've learned and has helped us become healthier and enjoy life more, right?
                        The way I see what I was doing was kind of like what happens when I "preach" to someone who eats the SAD and tell them about how they are missing out on some DELICIOUS and HEALTHY brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease and a ribeye steak slathered in butter.
                        Alcohol is great! I like it! Cognac was my drink. Red wine is fabulous. Just like raw cheese and cashew butter. And cream and raw honey. YES!
                        BUT, in moderation. That is ALL I'm saying.
                        Shoot I was just trying to be helpful and give hope if someone wanted it.
                        If someone is content I'm not trying to interfere. All I was trying to do was offer something to someone that may be interested. But if they aren't interested then I won't continue to talk about it.
                        Just like how I roll with the primal blueprint and barefoot preaching lol. If someone is content eating the SAD and wearing shoes, I let them be. But if they are complaining about certain health issues or something then I simply tell them about primal and/or barefoot and if they are interested I share with them as much as they would like to know.
                        I tell them--hey--this is what your looking for!
                        So thats all I saw here. A possibility that someone did not desire to be addicted to alcohol.
                        If someone tells me they are having lots of ankle and knee pain when running and they're achilles tenden kills I tell them about going barefoot. I tell everyone anyways lol but ESPECIALLY those. And the same for diet. If someone is addicted to sugar and does not want to be or if someone simply raises a concern about wanting to eat healthy I tell them all I can about primal.
                        I apologize for offending you, Artbuc. That was not my intention. I'm just trying to spread the good news!
                        Its like hearing about them giving out all sorts of free stuff at Meijer (a "primal" meijer store or something lol) and you not being able to contain it and want to share the news and allow others to partake and enjoy the free gifts!


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                          I've seen worse things "pitched" than a bit of talk about ones personal spiritual views on here. Not entering a debate on it. Just stating I see nothing offensive about it.


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                            I'll add to this thread my inferences about alcohol.
                            No doctor is ever going to recommend it. But alcohol is near identical to your body as lard. Lard is basically high in triglycerides. 20 carbon atom chain. Human cholesterol is C27. Longer is worse, but pretty much the closest.
                            If you would like look up Thomas Delauer and a few others on alcohol. And more importantly, interpret what they are saying. You'd never find someone who says yea drink away its all fun and games without consequence.
                            Try this fun experiment. Tell your doctor - You're eating lard for your health - record his expression.
                            Then tell him you're drinking for your health - record his expression. Same expression. LOL.

                            Now - Reader beware - My favorite subject follows.

                            Without insulin, you body has no ability to hold onto anything past the 3-6hr mark. Any damage from drinking is limited to that window.
                            In studies of people with Type 1 diabetes those than made it to 50 or 60 (don't remember right now) without any health complications they found people with the best all around health usually let their blood sugars go higher than the numbers preferred by the medical community, for example they routinely had higher than 140 or 150 FBS and had A1C's over 6. As in, they didn't take enough insulin as a habit. So overall, the blood sugar is a far less of a problem if it exceeds the arbitrary number set by the medical industry than the insulin to correct it.
                            More importantly cancer, arterosclerosis, arthritis and nearly ever other auto immune and other disorders need insulin and glucose to grow.
                            Dr Fung has several blog posts on these topics.
                            Most articles about alcohol recognize the fact you are unable to eat healthy, or eat less when you drink. So the added calories from bad food, more food and the drink itself all add up to a lot more, leading to a more unhealthy end result. However, I find I am able to lightly drink and it takes the edge off fasting.


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                              No doctor is ever going to recommend it. But alcohol is near identical to your body as lard.
                              However, I find I am able to lightly drink and it takes the edge off fasting
                              OMG. Somehow I don't think you will get many takers on the idea that alcohol and lard are nearly identical to your body.

                              I recommend a big steak vs lightly drinking to take the edge off that fast. The more you post the more convinced I am that you are a failed Breatharian. Your current "robust" health should cause you to take a hard look at what you do.
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                              Finally have given up on MDA Forum.
                              My friends, I'll see ya at where I'm user #4, and we do have a moderator.