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10 Foods & Supplements That Reverse Liver Disease



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  • 10 Foods & Supplements That Reverse Liver Disease

    There are two types of fatty liver disease. Alcoholic fatty liver is a condition in which blood is unable to break down alcohol, and burdens the liver.

    Nonalcoholic fatty liver is common in obese and mimiddle-agedroups. Sufferers deal with excessive accumulation of fat in the liver.

    The bad thing in both types is the fact that there are no early signs that could help the patient detect the disease.

    But, there are some symptoms that indicate the presence of the problem, such as fatigue, sudden weight loss, appetite loss, nausea, dark urine, bruises, and dark patches on the skin, usually in the neck or underarm area.

    Change your lifestyle habits, and eat well.

    Here are some of the foods/supplements you should add to your diet, and “fix the damage.”


    Bananas are abundant in potassium. The sweet fruit boosts the natural cleansing function of your liver, and gives you the necessary daily amount of potassium. Bananas enhance digestion, and support the elimination of toxins.


    The fiber in ginger does wonders for the digestive tract and the overall detox process in the system. Antioxidants strengthen immunity, and prevent infections.

    Boil a couple of ginger slices, and enjoy your ginger tea. The spicy root works well in stir-fries, salads and healthy smoothies.

    learn more : 10 Foods & Supplements That Reverse Liver Disease

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    Obvious spam, but even as spam if you don't have egg yolks on this list it's worse than standard spam. It's like spam soaked in vegetable oil, dipped in sugar, then rolled up in some ground glass.


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      Originally posted by priest
      yeah, I'm not seeing smoked pork anywhere on this list, don't they know it's full of anti-oxidants? how the hell are you gonna cure cancer without any smoked pork? didn't they read "2 steps get healthy"? I mean, how much more simple can it get than 2 steps? do I have to spell it out? ok. step 1: eat smoked pork. step 2: eat more smoked pork. that's it, cancer cured!

      people these days, I swear
      Oddly, this is not bad advice. Glucose feeds a lot of cancer pathways.
      A ketogenic diet can prevent all those from growing.
      However cure means it has to be reversed. That I don't know.

      Just don't eat 1 kind. Fish, beef, chicken etc etc etc

      Sarcastic priest usually is right.



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        Originally posted by priest
        although vegan keto would produce the best results
        Except it only exists in Priesty's "beautiful mind".



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          Oh wow ... speechless @ her cluelessness and you're close behind priesty.
          Again you can be low carb and vegan - like your other Indian guy called "bobby" and his magic powder.
          Put up a diet - ingredients will do no need for quantities. Else - you are wrong, the diet doesn't exist.

          Now be a good Idiot and read your post and read the original post again ... just the part where you jump from Liver disease to cancer ... like they are the same thing. Of course they are to you.



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            That you clip you have there ... I thought it was a joke ... cos in the first 5 mins she did mention High fat and ketogenic like 40 times.

            Too bad her idea of Ketogenic is something like 100gm protein and ~60-70gm carb and high fat ... high fat ... high fat ... sure high fat.

            OK you do keto like she says. I'll stay with 100/20 and suggest everyone I know to try to get to 100/20.

            Bogus keto - maybe some magic powder with negative 80 carbs will be dropped onto it and then be good.



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              Originally posted by priest
              it's 50g carbs, dipshit. I knew you had no access to high-speed internet. just thank your lucky stars you have Cici's and monsatan to fall back on. without those, you really would be back in the stone age
              While you're dipping your carbs in shit and eating it -

              50 does seem to be higher than 20.

              And I counted into the 70 mark for 100gm protein. You count for 75gm protein ? OK then its 50. Y'know if you want 30gm protein, it would work



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                100gm protein is required to rebuild cos you burn that in a day (assuming 150lb individual and a very low .7gm /lb number)


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                  Yikes, this again. You eat carbs priesty, that lowers your metabolic rate so you eat less and less and save the planet singlehandedly.


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                    Originally posted by priest
                    but only if you eat Cici's carbs
                    Cici's has no carbs I thought ??? weren't you calling them CAFO, monsatan Keto bowls ???
                    So where did the carbs come from ???
                    You meant to call them CAFO monsatan carb bowls ???


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                      He he he ... you're a day (or a year or 3) late and more than a few $$$ short ... but since you're not name calling - I'll treat it as a point you're trying to get across.

                      They will be able to make it with either olive oil or garlic butter as the liquid instead of pizza sauce.
                      You specify the ingredients you want in it. As much or al little ... I introduced it to my co-workers and even Lacto vegetarians get those.
                      Broccoli, carrots etc etc etc and cheese and sauce of their choice. I've had people put BBQ sauce ... yea 5gm carb in a spoon. They also will make it without a sauce if you want as long as there is enough veggies that will water out when heated - onions and peppers are a good choice.
                      They also have bacon bits, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese in their salad bar, as well as a plethora of veggies - broccoli, olives, peppers, radish and a few others that are very low carb.

                      Better yet, I have eaten 2 of the bowls and not had my foot pain kick in - under 10gm carb in 2 of these.

                      Very impressively they will turn ketostix 2X shades darker ~2hrs after.

                      If you fill a survey from the receipt - that is $4.99 from the usual $5.99.

                      I ate these almost every other day and rode the scale down 20lb in a month.

                      Godfathers pizza will also do the same thing, but they were $5.99 and no survey (that I recall).

                      I'm now almost feeling bad that I haven't been there in over a month.

                      To anyone who's reading this - this is awesome keto food, 150 gm fat, 100-150 gm protein and under 10 carbs depending on what you put in the thing - and simply put, $4.99 for a 1 meal keto bomb with 2000+ calories perfectly fitting the 75/20/5 macro - low carb medium protein high fat on a shoe string $.

                      Enjoy, obviously I stopped talking to you a long time ago priest.


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                        Keep lying and I'll keep posting right after you to tell people the truth.
                        Anyway - no veggies. I get tons of it from my yard guaranteed chemical and GMO free, dont need to eat it otherwise.


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                          Can not match that dogshit you enjoy though. Congrads.


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                            Wrongggggggggg as usual.
                            Heavily subsidized is all veggies. Those $$$$ will skyrocket.
                            Monsatan is murdering the planet on account of your veggies. They are killing the kids future - farmer suicides in India etc etc - you must be proud for killing the planet for everyone's kids. Yea yea yea you only eat organic dogshit flavored organic fava beans. Be extra proud then.
                            Last edited by srinath_69; 08-14-2017, 07:34 AM.


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                              Salad costs more. Its called marketing. And cos you pay it.
                              CAFO cattle excrete some of the toxins which are sprayed onto "organic fava beans". Just add dogshit and you have your dinner ready.