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Eating Like Your Cultural Ancestors As Opposed To Grok



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    I have long said that I don't think that humans conquered the world with ulcerative colitis and brain fog... so I do think that there is a lot to be said for a WAPF approach to eating. I certainly know that when I went from something like the SAD to something more in line with the WAPF diet my chronic stomac pain (that the Dr. diagnosed as ulcers, but I'm not entirely sure what it was) went away. And I did loose weight - I went from 90kg ca to around 75kg - with A LOT of exercise though - biking 1,5 hours pr. day, swimming 3 times a week I could push it down to 65, but never normal weight - and it went up the minute I didn't exercise all.the.time. When I took out dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts for the first time (when my son was diagnosed with severe allergies) I could stay at 65 - with no effort at all: Wasn't swimming any more, still biking quite a bit but nowhere near 1,5 hours pr. day. I think that if I had been eating what I eat now, and exercising more I would have easily lost more. Unfortunately stress made me slide back into bad habits... and living in a country with tall mountains I sold my old cargo bike (50+ kg without kids in it...), and gained almost all of it back - 80+ kg (still wasn't eating pizza/pasta/burgers every day with a side of Coke - mostly homemade food). But now I am approaching menopause and everything sort of sticks more... The weight does not come off as easily as before.

    Where did I want to go with this? Oh yeah - I think that if we had been raised on a real food diet, with sourdough bread and little anti-biotics, loads of fermented food in general, raw milk, bone-broth - pastured meat, no glyphosphate in the flour... Loads of time outside, animals, dirt etc. etc.... A regular whole foods diet, including wheat, wouldn't be unhealthy for us. It is certainly leagues better than the SAD. You can tell eg. that Denmark and other Nordic countries have lower obesity rates than other western countries - the Danes still love their sour-dough bread and often make it themselves - whereas most people in Spain have no clue how to bake - and when I moved here you couldn't even find live yeast in most supermarkets (nor freeze dried), because most people don't bake. They have, in one generation, exchanged their Pan Gateto with white sub-par crap from the supermarket... and their fruit/fresh yogurt desserts with artificial crap from ditto... and the obesity rates are exploding. Spanish kids are also kept inside most of the day in school and after school activities are usually academic - to make the kids get a head start in school. Middle class parents in Denmark make a big effort to get their kids moving every day. Middle class Danish parents also try to keep their kids from sugar, and give them hole grain oats for breakfast, rye bread for lunch etc. - where the Spanish feed their kids "bolleria" (doughnuts, chokolate eclairs etc.) for their midday meal in school - on top of a sugary cereal for breakfast... The rates of celiac dissease is also lower in the Nordic countries than in the rest of Europe - and the worst country in Europe wrt. celiac? Italy! This isn't to say that the obesity rates in Scandinavia aren't rising too - they are, mostly in the lower class population - but a lot slower than in the rest of Europe.
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