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Disappointing experience with my primary care doc



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    Originally posted by lovebird View Post
    It's not about you Srinath... Ontario made a funny joke and you should be grateful someone acknowledges your post for being useful. Especially since that doesn't happen that often.
    Not the first time. Right over his head.


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      what can I say ... I usually drink Vodka, but the last few days has been whiskey and not even the american version. Also not been getting enough fat or even whiskey for that matter, just 3-4 drinks and 3-500 cal from fat. That's to blame for the missing it ... If that makes you happy


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        Originally posted by OnTheBayou View Post

        Not the first time. Right over his head.
        "Don't sweat the small stuff and relax about the whole process"


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          Originally posted by Will View Post
          I went in for my every-other-year physical yesterday. I was very pleased with my cholesterol numbers, .....

          ........ My total cholesterol and LDL are both above the normal range and into "borderline-high" or high, but this doesn't concern me.

          It's just mind-blowing to me that this dogma is still so pervasive.
          LOL...What's mind-blowing is that you're eating a diet that's causing your high cholesterol and are ok with it because the paleo diet gurus with books to sell, told you so. They've convinced you that it's ok to have high cholesterol and that it's the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology that are clueless about what's a heathy level.

          Have you considered that you personally don't have the genetics to support this kind of diet? Paleo/primal is high in saturated fat, which is usually what raises cholesterol. BUT, not everyone has this response. OnTheBayou who responded earlier, has previously posted his cholesterol levels and if I recall, I think they were fantastic and well within recommended levels! The AHA would be pleased. Yet, he's on this diet. There's lots of folks who eat a high sat. fat diet like primal/paleo/keto, who have great labs. YOU are not them! So why would you follow blindly?

          You want to roll the dice like Bob Harper did and get a heart attack like he did last February? That's the Biggest Loser trainer who's fit as a fiddle, was on the Paleo diet for years but he has the genetic predisposition to having increased cholesterol on such a diet and has now switched to a lower sat.fat meditterranean diet.

          I haven't had any genetic testing done but I know that Primal increased my LDL to 203 mg/dl when it should be under 100. Guess what, I didn't have to take Statins like my doctor was threatening. Instead, what lowered my LDL a whole 100 points back to normal, was simply quitting primal/paleo and majorly cutting back on saturated fats esp from red meats, chicken, cheese, oils, eggs etc. I now eat whole grains like rice and oats, and starchy veggies like potatoes, beans, lentils, plus whatever fruits I like. ALL my labs are now normal including cholesterol, fasting glucose, A1c, etc. Oh, I'm still maintaining my weight loss 2 years on.

          Bottom line is, a healthy diet shouldn't cause abnormal labs. It should promote health. The paleo dogma convincing folks that abnormal labs are actually good quite clever. The gurus are laughing all the way to the bank while you're the one left "holding the bag".
          *Starting Wt - 151 lbs (January 2015) * Current Wt - 113 lbs (November 2016)
          *95% Plant-Based (from June 2015) ~ *75%Carbs *10-15%Protein *10-15%Fat
          *Exercise ~7-10 hrs/week


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            I hate to say it over and over again (actually no I love to say it) Its all in the Insulin.
            Keep that under control, and you will not suffer any ill effects.
            Lots of people never get to the under 5 insulin level which is mandatory for weight loss.
            Worse yet, as the insulin is dropping, lots of biomarkers get worse. They could be in that stage for months or even years. They then panic and give up.
            Saying its all individually variable and there are infinite variables is fooling yourself. There is only 3 variables. insulin, cortisol and estrogen. Insulin is so big, it trumps the other 2 by 3:1. Your individual path to lowering inuslin may be open to you, and you may want to eat only foods that are blue etc etc - but that's not an unknown variable. Its individual preference.
            I do agree a lower in sat fat diet is better, or atleast I like to distribute my good fat across all sources.


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              KimLean125byMar15 to some extent I agree with you. Though I am very weary of anyone recommending a vegan diet (80% of vegans a low in B12... ). But I heard Dom D'Agistino in an interview saying that his colesterol levels had gone through the roof when he first started keto - and he switched most of his saturated fats to mono-unsaturated (olive oil mostly), and most meats to fish and they went right down.

              Last I had my blood work done I had been low carb for several months and my biggest problem was low HDL (i.e. need more exercise). I think actually taking the labs seriously is important - but so is being aware of the fact that most GPs don't actually have the training to read those labs (trig/LDL ratio etc) - they never look at the things that are actually important. Once I asked my son's allergy specialist at the hospital for a good allergy doctor in a private practice (for me), and he said "I don't know if I can give you that's - something happens to people's morals when they pay an arm and a leg to get a private practice". That is my general attitude towards doctors - and unfortunately the drug companies pay them a lot more than their individual consultations with us as patients.


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                @KimLean: I can live with your comments. Over the years many of us, well, a few of us, have learned is that one size does not fit all. I don't mean that in a glib, unfounded manner. Your experience, for example. Yes, you are right, my labs in January were over the top excellent, and I was overweight then. New labs with the new year, coming up.

                I will diverge from your comments about the evil guru's and it's all about conning for the money. I think you have to give some guru's credit, like Mark, for adjusting some of his viewpoints from where he started. Like about beans. If anything, I think the vegan guru's are doing far more damage than the paleo side of things. Just a subjective opinion, of course.

                I'm not eating as much mammal meat as I used to, can't provide any reason why. And, no, I'm not ramping up the veggies. In fact, I'm in a force myself to eat a salad phase.