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Today's impromptu brunch food



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  • Today's impromptu brunch food

    1 6-oz can water-packed tuna, drained
    Half a large Haas avocado, cut into chunks
    5 large Spanish (green) pimento olives, diced
    2 stalks green onion, chopped small
    1 small dill pickle, chopped small
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    Ground sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste

    Mix all together in a bowl. Eat with fork.

    Next time I may eschew the mayonnaise and the pickle and try guacamole for the binding agent. This was SO good.
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    Yep. Tuna + avocado + onionyness/pickleyness = WIN.
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      Love love but the tuna needs to be packed in olive oil.


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        Man, the spammers are unREAL these days.

        Anyway, yeah, and the good thing, at least here in California, is that the avocados are on SALE for once.

        Seriously, instead of a large one being 5 bucks for like a quarter of it, they're only 77 CENTS at Safeway!

        My jaw almost hit the floor..... and then I loaded up on five of them.

        So thanks for the suggestion. I totally forgot about adding it to tuna as the binding agent. Forgot how damn tasty
        it was.



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          How about Spam and avacado:-)
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            I use Annie's Organic Dijon mustard in place of mayo. S'good.