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    I have been at Primal life for a slid 6 months now. I feel awsome. Best I ever have! I notice now the big topic is Keto. I have been reading and listening to the pod casts about it. Seams like its all there is any more.
    Anyway, to my question. For the last 6 months my goal was to lean out, drop body fat and get healthier. I have tracked my food pretty good on Paleo track for this time. Majority of my calories has been from fat. Pretty easy for me. I love meat, fish oil, cheese...My first goal is to eat as Paleo as I can, then as Primal as I can, then as “Keto” as I can. I try to take in under 100 carbs (of course I shoot for less than 50), 150 fat, 80 protein. My question is should I track NET CARBS or TOTAL? Honestly, with the way I eat it is very easy for me to stay around 50 NET carbs daily...
    Sorry to ramble, ~Wojo