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What's your go-to Primal daily menu?

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    MariaNYC I was going to say the same thing with the breast meat! I have trouble getting through it as well, unless it's either doused in mayo or mixed into a soup or something (which will usually have other fattier meats in it). I love roasting whole chicken, but always end up with pretty much the entire breast (both sides) to figure out how to use.

    Typical meals

    B: nada

    L: dinner leftovers

    D: meatloaf, meatballs, cabbage rolls, eggs and meat, roasted meat, sometimes a vegetable side (many times not), some sort of jambalaya/gumbo/chili/hearty stew...those are colder weather meals anyway.

    In the spring/summer it was more like fish, shrimp, slaw, big salads, grilled chicken thighs or flank steak...more "refreshing" things

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      B: weekdays (IF 1-2x a week, or raw almonds, pumpkin swirled in greek yogurt with bloobs OR a protein shake made with almond milk) weekends: bacon & eggs or frittata

      L: BAS with either albacore, salmon, or chicken

      D: try to mix it up as much as possible. turkey burger, cornish hen, pork chops, ny strip, bison, cottage pie, eggs etc. a nice helping of broccoli, or cauliflower, summer squash, leafy greens etc. with EVOO


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        Wow, this was eye-opening.

        Seems that us primal people love to start the day with eggs and bacon.

        It's so nice to be amongst such good company :-)


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          B = Black coffee. Spinach salad with apple, walnuts, pecans, canned wild fish, and olive oil.

          L = Leftovers from dinner or a couple HB eggs and some pickled herring or sardines.

          D = Meat-based dinner such as pulled pork, pot roast, ground beef with olives and onions, spaghetti sauce (over spaghetti squash) with ground beef/sausage, grilled chicken, curry, stir fry etc. And some veggies.

          I often have a bit of alcohol, chocolate, or berries for dessert.

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            Breakfast: Eggs w/ scallions, bacon, coffee w/ cream and sometimes 4 oz of pure oj.

            Lunch/Snack 1: Salad w/ chicken or tuna

            Lunch/Snack 2: Apple with almond butter

            Dinner: Chicken breast cooked in lots of olive oil, sauteed broccoli w/ onions. Glass of wine 2-ish nights a week.


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              b-fast- homemade sausage cooked w/ grassfed tallow or coco oil and stirfry veggies(broccoli-onions- greenpeppers-green beans)

              lunch- leftovers - or big salad w/ meat(if I have it) or hard boiled eggs- sunflower nuts - evoo dressing

              supper- roasted chicken is a big favorite- if I am lazy just evoo-lemon juice- sea salt and garlic- if not than lots of different spice blends - lately it has been a sort of greek mix I made up- served w/ some sauteed veggies and maybe a sweet potato

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                Quick and easy due to lack of time!

                B: Frozen salmon filet nuked up, served with half avocado (+/- frozen green veggies), loads of coffee

                S/early lunch: 2 boiled eggs + raw veggie sticks (e.g. peppers)

                S/early dinner: serving of some meat I cooked up in a big batch earlier in the week + veggies + tsp EVCO (or replaced with butter in veggies)

                Later Dinner: repeat of early dinner (+/- 1 or 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate)

                May skipped the first dinner, depending if I'm working out and then just eat it with the later dinner.


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                  This is the general routine I have fallen into for the weekday; weekends I have more time to cook quality meals so I eat more




                  Handful of almonds (if on hand)


                  3-4 eggs, sunnyside up or omelet, with salsa on top

                  Sliced avocado and/or bell pepper

                  Apple or bananna


                  Fish oil supplements

                  Sometimes I also eat a spinach, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, and onion salad with loads of olive oil and a wee bit of vinegar and oregano.

                  If it's a race day I will also eat some celery with almond butter.


                  Usually half of a small chicken or broiled steak or fish for protein



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                    Breakfast is two cups of coffee (with cream and Sun Crystals--my big indulgence), and some combination of fruit and nuts. My favorite is mixed berries topped with coconut milk, walnuts and cinnamon.

                    Lunch is usually eggs, a big-ass salad, or leftovers from the night before. I love it when there's leftover cold chicken legs!

                    I rarely snack but if I do, it's a handful of cashews or almonds.

                    Dinner is generally some kind of meat or fish, and a generous portion of sauteed, steamed, or roasted veggies.

                    A couple times a week I might have a "dessert" of a sliced apple with almond butter, a square of dark chocolate, or a cup of herbal tea with honey.

                    After more than three months of primal eating, my daily menu is pretty much automatic.


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                      My workdays usually end up:

                      B - 3 egg omlette w/bacon, cheese

                      L - Albacore tuna on a bed of baby spinach w/mushrooms, olive oil dressing

                      D - some type of chicken or a steak w/2 cups steamed veggies, 2 glasses red wine.

                      Weekends I'll get a little fancier with the recipes.