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Prophet of doom belives the world will end in six hours! What to eat?

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  • Prophet of doom belives the world will end in six hours! What to eat?

    May 21, 2011 update: Staten Island prophet of doom expects to be in heaven for tomorrow's 'end of the world' |

    So, the world is coming to an end in six hours that means you have room for one last dinner i guess...
    What will it be? Have you found som much love for your primal food that you will also make it your last or do you go for junkfood...

    Clock is ticking
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    Just to put this in perspective, the guy is saying that the rapture will happen at 6pm on May 21st. While it's reasonable to assume that the instant disappearance of 600+ million people all at the same time would cause a level of chaos that the world has never seen before (think planes falling out of the sky because they are without pilots, cars turning into unmanned non-guided surface-to-surface missiles, etc) it's hardly the end of the world.

    That being said, the guy is considered by most of the Christian community to be a false prophet. Back in the Old Days, there was a harsh punishment for these types of people. It's called "death". Today, being that God is working amongst humankind in a different way, this isn't the standard operating procedure.

    He was wrong once before on this issue back in 1994. He's back at it again and should be ashamed of himself.

    God clearly stated in his word that nobody knows the day or the hour (Matthew 24:36-41) and the description of the mindest of people on that day is that they are taken completely by surprise. I don't think that this widely publicises scenerio we have going here today would conform to the type of surprise depicted by the words of Jesus Christ himself.

    This guy is a false teacher who needs to repent. He may even be a false teacher that on the level of those described in Jude 14-15.
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        Ask one of those crazy believers for their credit card (They won't be needing that now, will they?) and go dine at the fanciest steak house in town.


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          A volcano just erupted on iceland...
          A little love and affection in everything you do


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            I just hope my grilled chicken is done before the rapture hits


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              Originally posted by evilbeaver View Post
              A volcano just erupted on iceland...
              It doesn't surprise me that that is what passes for Armageddon in this phony, half-assed world.

              Originally posted by geostump View Post
              I just hope my grilled chicken is done before the rapture hits
              Why? You going somewhere?
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                Ok if you are in NYC consider this for your last meal:

                In the outdoor food court at 23rd & 6th, Madison Square Eats - Deep Fried Pork Ribs by Eataly. $10 for four. Unbelievable.


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                  If I really thought the world was ending I'd eat Brie and croissants.
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                    Guinesses, Naiadritas, Roman Skies (can't be sober or might actually end up in Heaven), Prime rib, veggies, salad, sweet tater, and Valentino Brownie with with coconut milk atop it.
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                      Ear deep in some creme brulee.
                      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                        Oh dear, I only have 3 minutes! Better decide quick...crap 2 minutes now!
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