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  • My Doctor Visit Report

    I went to see a new Doc today and it did not go too bad. He was very impressed with my weight loss. He asked what I was doing and I gave him The Primal Blue Print and The Paleo Solution. He started reading the bold print during my visit. We talked a bit about my labs and he said that my labs are fine, he still thinks my total cholesterol is too high at 230 but I explained how having low triglycerides affects the testing. I asked for a VAP and an LP(a) and he said OK and wrote the order for the labs. My BP was as low as it has ever been at 125/75. My Vitamin D is low at 19 and he wrote a script for what I thought was 50,000 IU D3 per day but it turned out to be 50,000 IU D2 per week. Just about useless but I will take the D2 and Report back in 5 weeks for follow up.

    He said he had never heard of paleo/primal and seemed very interested. If he turns out to be positive over all I will let him know about this and other sites that my drum up some business for him.

    Over all I have to say he at least listened and did not even mention statins.

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    Awesome news! I'm hoping for the same later this year. The more docs on board, the better.


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      Good for you!

      A couple of years ago, my vitamin D was 15. Doc also prescribed 50k D2 for 8 weeks. I didn't fill it and instead started taking 10k D3 daily. Last check my vitamin D was 69.


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        Good to hear he didn't try to push Statins immediately. Sounds like a pretty good doc.


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          I was taking 4000 IU per day for 8 months and only went from 14 to 19. I know the D2 will not help so I think I will just do the 10K of the D3 per day and get tested. At least I will know the D3 works and from my research I know the D2 will not.
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            Sounds good AnarchoGrok! Having a good doctor, or even one who's a little more open minded, makes a world of difference. You're doing awesome, thats for certain, especially the blood pressure.
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