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I think Niacin is causing me some problems...

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  • I think Niacin is causing me some problems...

    My doctor put me on Niacin. I have been taking it a week, have been perfect with food, but no weight loss. I also am having problems with water retention. I think it's the Niacin. I'm stopping it for now to see if there's a change.

    I don't think I need it anyway as long as I stay on this WOE. I've always had good lab numbers in the past when low carbing. Hopefully it works this time too!

    Anyone else had any experience with Niacin?

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    If you can slowly munch your way through this article about raising HDL from the Perfect Health Diet site, it will explain about what niacin does, and it offers some better ways to do the same thing. The Niacin section is about half-way down, but I'd suggest carefully reading (and maybe re-reading) the whole thing. It's something of a challenge, but the information in it is valuable, IMO.

    Perfect Health Diet How to Raise HDL | Diet life


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      Thanks piano-doctor-lady. Yea it wasn't fun to read, but does have some good information. I was on the extended release kind, which can cause liver damage. Not cool.


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        Also, I read elsewhere that Niacin can raise blood sugar. It's supposed to lower triglycerides and raise HDL - how can it do that while also raising blood sugar? Does high blood sugar stop weight loss?? I guess I thought I knew more about this stuff than I do...


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          It is all over the news today that niacin is a flop.
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            Wow that's a coincidence! My intuition was right then. No more Niacin, just need to follow PB and I'm sure my numbers will improve. Thanks.


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              I'm not sure why your doctor prescribed niacin for you; perhaps for weight loss?

              I follow Bee Wilder's "Healing Naturally" program and she has us take 50mg of niacin daily. Read this article to find out why and the benefits of niacin:


              It does not have anything to do with weight loss, however...


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                Sorry I just saw your response it1958.

                He prescribed it for high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

                Since I stopped the Niacin I've lost 3 lbs in 3 days without changing anything and drinking wine over the holiday weekend. So I guess my intuition was right about it causing weight gain.

                PB is working great! I just need to watch supplements because my doctor likes to sell them (he makes money). I agree with everything he tells me usually except for the supplement thing. But when I have bloodwork done again in 5 months I feel like they will be greatly improved due to my WOE, so he won't have a reason to recommend!!


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                  I was taking 3000mg of niacin (nicotinic acid) per day and had blood sugar lower than the normal range and no water retention. HDL and trigs were very good though. Stopped taking it because it can inhibit copper uptake, I didn't need my HDL to be as high as it was (125), and I got sick of all the tablets I was taking
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                    Pantethine (not pantothenic acid) helps both triglycerides and cholesterol ratios as well as fatty liver (which would lead me to believe it's beneficial for the liver). Plus, it's great for supporting your adrenal glands.


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                      Paul Jaminet mentioned that is also possible the statins administered alongside the niacin was the problem in that study. He doesn't recommend niacin anyway.

                      Around the Web; Memorial Day Edition | Perfect Health Diet


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                        Originally posted by Sue View Post
                        Paul Jaminet mentioned that is also possible the statins administered alongside the niacin was the problem in that study. He doesn't recommend niacin anyway.

                        Around the Web; Memorial Day Edition | Perfect Health Diet
                        That makes more sense, as far as liver damage.
                        When Paul says that niacin flushing is caused by niacin "toxicity", that's not true at all (it's caused by capillary dilation and stops happening/minimizes after you've been taking it a little while- if it were toxicity, I'd expect it to get worse). I've had a major niacin flush from a very small amount, so the toxicity thing doesn't make sense at all.