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    Does anyone still eat grains i eat it like 10 times a month or less. I love sushi me and my buddy eat it twice a month and during the week i go out with my martial art buddys usually go will a grilled chicken wrap instead of fries i go with a caear salad. so i made this thread because i wanted to know how much of a Differents it would make to cut it out i'm still staying under 100 grams of carbsand still loseing weight.

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    My stomach doesn't like grains anymore. They cause nausea. So no, I don't.


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      I prefer not to get the shnits. That's the noticeable difference for me. Back when I at the standard american diet...I always had gas and shnits, or it was common, just thought it was normal. If you're still losing weight and you don't have bowel issues, keep doing what you're doing. It doesn't sound like you're eating a whole bunch of grains. There is the argument in regard to inflammation, leaky gut, etc, caused by grains.


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        No I don't. I don't seem to have any strong physical reaction, but I know if I reintroduced them even slightly, I'll gradually eat more and more. Since I don't particularly miss them, it's not a hardship.

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          I occasionally eat them. I try to stick with a gluten-free lifestyle mostly so the grains I eat would be rice and corn. I don't seem to have a strong reaction, but over time if I start to eat a lot of wheat or gluten, my joints start to get achy and I feel pretty crappy and run down.
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            I ate a hamburger bun and gained 1.5 pounds literally overnight (I'm guessing inflamation or something). Not to mention lots of gas.

            So... no, I don't eat grains anymore. I never realized what a huge impact they had on my body because that was "normal" for me. Now I'm happy with "healthy" and don't want to go back to "normal" again.


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              White rice is OK if you are losing. Most of us do some sushi. You only have to do 80% to get the benefits of primal. But wheat would be one of the most important foods to ditch.
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                Not if I can help it. But sushi makes it hard. Sashimi was great last night, though.
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                  Originally posted by Hitman View Post
                  so i made this thread because i wanted to know how much of a Differents it would make to cut it out i'm still staying under 100 grams of carbsand still loseing weight.
                  It would make about three Differents, depending on your body's sensitivities.

                  1. Grains tend to leech minerals from your body, leading to osteoporosis and heart problems, etc.
                  2. Wheat tends to contribute to leaky gut syndrome.
                  3. Gluten allergies.

                  I avoid bread and pasta, but I will not bat an eye at white rice since it's pretty innocuous. You sound like a young guy which means you have a few years left on your first class metabolic ticket, but once you approach 30, that stuff will catch up with you.
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                    Rice is one of those borderline deals.

                    I eat it occasionally when I have sushi.

                    VERY rarely I'll have a piece of cake or a cupcake, but it's not regular by any stretch.


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                      I'll eat rice a few times a month, with no ill effect. Wheat will inflame my joints and give me the runs, so the treat has to be insanely tasty to be worth it.
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                        No. Avoiding grains is the thing that has made the single biggest improvement to my health EVER. While the rest of Primal is good stuff, it's dropping grains that has been (at risk of sounding cliche) life-changing.

                        It may vary for you based on your sensitivities to lectins and gluten, but avoiding grains is a no-brainer for me.
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                          I have basmati rice once or twice a month, and maybe a cob of corn if it's really fresh. But that's it.
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                            Never. Is sushi really worth your health? Think about it.
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                              i don't eat sushi, but I honestly don't worry about this.

                              we really do follow the 80/20 rule here. I had rice (with thai) on Friday. I probably do rice once every 6-8 weeks (or less). I don't have any major reactions or health problems, nor do I need to loose weight.

                              I suppose if you are trying to loose weight, cut back a bit more. But if you are maintaining or happy with your progress, i wouldn't worry too much.