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Out with the Food Pyramid, In with "My Plate" -- UGH

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  • Out with the Food Pyramid, In with "My Plate" -- UGH

    Did anyone see this?

    First lady, USDA throw out food pyramid for MyPlate | Newswatch | a blog

    The latest and greatest replacement for the food pyramid--NOT! Of course it's the USDA's doing.

    I'm really starting to get pissed about the load of BS that is making people obese!


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    Where is the fat? I guess just mixed in with the dairy and protein. LOL


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      Sorry, I just realized there's already another thread on MDA. I looked before but somehow missed it.

      But, thanks for letting me get my rant on!!

      I get more pissed daily now that I see what's really going on--I recently watched Fathead and King Corn and am all fired up.

      Trying to calm down--I don't need any extra Cortisol!


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        Wow just wow. The comments are even better. Here is my favorite:

        WOW... you people are SO cynical! Was everyone so up in arms when the food pyramid first came out? It is only a SUGGESTION to make better choices based on the size of a typical plate. And grains don't mean carbs! Pasta and bread is not whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal. Just calm yourselves when you read this and say, this is not for me, I'll try another eating plan and go on about your life without thinking that this is yet again another conspiracy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Run for the hills, people!

        The world is full of idiots.
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          The good news is that most of the comments seem to be against My Plate because of the amount of grains, so maybe we ARE beginning to wake up to the fact that they aren't healthy for us. If that article was on a Paleo or Low-carb site you would expect a slew of negative comments but this is from general type blog, right?


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            I saw them post it on CNN's FB...i linked Mark's site, i hope a few people at least read the article i linked. (Why Grains are Bad)
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              I made a Primal Plate based on Mark's Primal Pyramid.

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                ^^And I would be willing to guess that it didn't cost 14 million to do.


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                  I had to write a blog entry about it.

                  My take-
                  (I was going to make a long one, but what's the use?)

                  Government Diet Advice Will Make You Sick and Fat


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                    I have uploaded My Primal Plate design to Zazzle, You can get them HERE.

                    or my cafepress shop, HERE
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           do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

                    My Blog.