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My kids had a primal lunch today!

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  • My kids had a primal lunch today!

    I'm sure this is familiar to many moms and dads who go primal. I've been feeding my children crap until recently, and they've been nagging me like crazy over why they can all of a sudden no longer have the crap they're used to. They're usually fine at dinner, since they don't tend to give their dad any crap over food. Just lucky me.

    Since I'm a sahm, I decided to wait on changing lunches to completely primal for the summer, rather than have them just throw away their food at school and IF without my knowledge. Hungry kids make for ill-behaved kids, and I didn't want to do that to their teachers.

    This is our first week of primal lunches, where I get to put up with their attitudes when they refuse to eat what they're served. Today, I finally bypassed the sandwich nagging. I did turkey, ham and cheese roll-ups with really cool plastic toothpicks in different shapes and their favorite colors, served with grapes and carrots on the side. Aside from the littlest complaining that she didn't like the roll-ups for awhile, until I actually forced her to put one in her mouth, it went off without a hitch. They actually had fun using their toothpicks to stab the grapes and carrots after they finished the meat. Oh, happy day!

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    Nice job... will be an adjustment for them, but you are doing them a huge favor by changing there habits now. I love how you made it fun with the toothpicks! Great idea!