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  • Your Secret Indulgence...

    Do you have that one food or sauce or drink that is strictly NOT Primal, but you just indulge in it anyway? Not excessively, but you do eat it anyway? Mine is teriyaki sauce on chicken. Not all too much; maybe a tablespoon or less, but I really can't go without it. So... what's your secret indulgence?

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    Peanut butter.
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      I have a sh!t-ton of rolled oats (costco size) to get through.

      I'm all about going primal, but I'm not going to waste food just to get there 100% rightthisveryinstant.

      I have no reaction to them either.

      They should be gone in about a month.

      And yanno, oats... not much of an indulgence there! HAR! BOR-RING!



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        Originally posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
        Peanut butter.
        I'll hitch my wagon to the peanut butter convoy, even though I rarely buy it AND even though it's in a murky area of whether it's strictly "Primal."

        Otherwise, I have to go with no-bake cookies. The ones with oats and sugar. Yes there are PB-style ones out there but dammit my mom's are phenomenal.
        Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

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          Originally posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
          Peanut butter.
          i 2nd that PeaNut BUtteR. all natural mixed with flaxseed and honey! its like crack to me

          i went primal in feb 2010
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          1 year to the day
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          7% body fat
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            Triple tall soy mocha, 5 pumps of chocolate. Totally non Primal but it's in the category of "if I had to give that up to go Primal I never would have done it". I only have 4-8 a month ( for financial reasons). I get out to eat very rarely so if I do, I don't worry too much about Primal either.
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              I'm with you - Teriyaki sauce. Not a huge portion of my diet, but not willing to give it up.


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                  *sigh* Apple Fritters. So Bad, I know.


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                    Cheese wontons with sweet and sour sauce. Horrible, but do it about once a month and love every bite.


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                      Irish whiskey, and stinky cheese.
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                        Store bought ketchup!

                        I dip my sweet potatoes in it or put it on top of hamburger patties.

                        I can't live without it.


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                            I've been really good since going primal, excluding soya sauce, two chocolate covered ice cream bars, and licking the knife after doing peanut butter toast for the kid
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