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IF'ing 18/6 or 14/10??

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    Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
    Umm...not so much from what I've read on the Ladies' IF thread. 10 hours was simply what Martin at LeanGains noted was easier for some of the women he worked with.

    I regularly fast 16-18 hours with occasional 22 hour fasts. (Female, 48)

    Honestly, trial and error helped me find what worked best for me.
    Me too! I regularly fast 16 hours. Lunch at noon, and I don't eat after 8PM. And I'm loosing weight.


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      Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
      This is a timely article, and an interesting blog if you go through it: Finding a Fasting Plan that Works for You! | The Lean Look
      The Eat Stop Eat does sound interesting. But do you fast on specific days or do you get to choose the 2 days that you want to do the 24 hour fasts?


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        I think you can pick which days you want to do the fasts. I haven't done many 24 hour fasts, but might try a few. Usually, if I know I am going out on the weekend and eating non-primal stuff, then I do the 24 hour fast beforehand.


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          Thank you for the article. In regards to increasing the amount of time fasting (skipping meals) is there any suggestions or tips that could help.


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            I really need to give this place and you people a rest. Jesus christ...
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Just do what you find works best for you. Everyone is going to have their own opinion because they discovered what works best for them. IF'ing is exactly what it says, there is no set definition. If you skip a meal you usually eat then it's IF'ing. When you sleep you are IF'ing. I mean, why the hell else would they call it BREAK FAST?

              I say just do what your body tells you. That is the whole point of the PB. If you are way too hungry to fast a full 16. 18, 20. 24 hours or whatever then just eat for fuck's sake. I usually fast around 16 hours everyday, sometimes more, sometimes less. Whenever I decide I am hungry I eat. Plain and simple.
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                Hi everyone! I'm having fantastic results with the 18/6 IF schedule. I don't eat between 1PM-7PM. I workout in a fasted state 3 days a week and lift very heavy. I have coffee in the morning to get me going and I have plenty of energy for my workout. I get much better sleep as well! I do sprints once a week and walk as often as possible. The fat is just falling off of me and I'm putting on muscle at the same time...pretty crazy! I would say I am 80% Primal as far as eating goes. Fortunately for me I've never been very picky about food, so it was easy for me to give up sugar, grains,etc...

                I would suggest people just do what feels right for them..just eating the right things, and giving your body a break from digesting food for a few extra hours can be beneficial. I am very interested to see what affects Primal IF will have on some of my health issues long term. I will reveal some of these things if I notice marked changes. I follow this schedule 7 days a week. I don't need "Cheat days". I have never tried a fast longer than 24 hours, though I might try that one day a week.
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                  I've been having excellent success with 19/5 fasting.


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                    hi ebolus101,
                    I too am an active male and have used IFing as a strategy to lose weight and recomp my body better. In-fact it has helped me lose 64 pounds in around 4 months, so you may or may not want to use my experiences to help you.

                    I'll start by saying that I believe an IF is a strategy to emulate what grok would've experienced on a somewhat daily basis as he moved and lived in his environment. As we have the body and systems of grok it is therefore logical that our bodies somewhat "expect" an Intermittent Fast in order to behave normally.

                    So how did grok IF? I believe his IF woulda been all over the place, purely random. These are some of the variables I can think of off the top of my head; He might of went without food for days or just a few hours. He might of had fast, after fast, after fast, or only went without food for once in a fortnight or so. He might of had no food in the morning, or maybe the afternoon, or maybe the middle of the day. he would've fasted before vigorous exercise or after depending on circumstances. probably heaps of other variables too.

                    So how did I IF? Well I varied the length of time, the time of day, how frequently and when i exercised when I Intermittently fasted to try to emulate grok and it worked fairly well.

                    I also varied my diet alot in other ways trying to emulate HOW grok would've eaten. you can find where I further discuss this by following the link in my sig.
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