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Is my diet detrimental to my progress?

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  • Is my diet detrimental to my progress?

    I`ve recently started looking at macro-nutrients and i`m worried about both the sources i am getting them from and the ratio that i am getting them in. I`m a 5,11" 156 lb. 16 year old male, doing an average of 5-6 crossfit wods a week. The beef is grass-fed, and the eggs free range, however the produce is not organic. Here is a screenshot from Fit-day of what I`ve eaten today.

    Intake - Intake.png picture by JAKEWGMOORE1 - Photobucket
    Ratio - Ratio.png picture by JAKEWGMOORE1 - Photobucket

    Any critique or advice would be greatly appreciated and took on board.

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    That's a lot of fat and protein, but if you feel good, then keep with it. However, if your goal is to build more muscle, then you might want to replace some fat with good carbs.


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      cheers for the advice, that is my goal btw. Ill take that on board, what kind of fat/carb/protein ratio would you aim for?