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Holy Crow! That's one heck of a meal

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  • Holy Crow! That's one heck of a meal

    Well, it seems that I've eaten my entire day's worth of calories and protein in one meal.
    I was craving beef ribs and had 4 broiled with no seasonings for breakfast.
    According to Cron-o-meter, that's 1640.5 calories(109%) and 93.3g(104%) of protein.
    It was totally worth it and I'm ok with not eating for the rest of the day.

    My jaw drops when I think back to the days when I would put away twice that many, while covered in corn syrup BBQ sauce.

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    Are you sure you're calculating that right? It almost sounds the calories etc for four servings (like multiple ribs), not four ribs.


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      Well, it was about 4oz of meat on each rib. I weighed the bone before and after eating. About 16oz of fatty beef.
      When I input the same weight for other beef cuts, it comes out to about 1200+.
      I don't think the numbers are off by too much.


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        Yum! This is basically how I eat most days--One huge meat meal (with veggies as condiments) and some dessert for carbs.

        I balance the muscle meat with homemade jello (for the gelatin) and liver paté or eggs on the other days...
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          Haha, my lunch salads are usually 1400 calories. I just finished eating one with about 5 cups of romaine, a cucumber, half a pound of beef and a quarter pound of pepperoni with some cheddar cheese, oil and vinegar. I still seem to be dropping body fat. I wish people would understand that a "calorie" is a unit of thermodynamic energy that applies to steam engines. The body is a chemical engine, and they don't apply properly. It's like licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. It kinda depends on the person and how big each lick is, right?
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            I'm more concerned about the amount of protein - since I'm trying to regulate my blood sugar level. Eating too much protein or carbs will make it raise. If I get real hungry later, I'll just have an avocado or two(they're small).