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    Originally posted by HillsideGina View Post
    Toad, while forums like this are a great place to share info and experiences, there are some questions that need to be directed to a physician. This is one of them. Too many missing variables anyway - how did the guy get into this dependency, what is his diet, does he take any prescription meds, etc. Also, seems like when folks post a quick question about a complicated issue on a public forum, they are looking for a magic bullet, and are hiding a whole lot of background and facts. I've been active on several forums on the web since you were knee-high to a dachshund - you will start to see patterns of forum behavior that repeat.
    I agree with what you are saying. I was not looking for a magic bullet. I just wanted to start the thread to get some ideas rolling. Sure enough there were some good responses. It does not for the person to try a few things out that they think might work. That person knows themselves best which is why I linked to this thread in the email instead of me picking out what I think they should do.

    When I am not sure how to help someone out then I post the question in one of the forums like this one. Sometimes it helps the person and other times he or she still needs so seek a professional.
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      A gastroenterologist as soon as possible.
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        Be sure to checkout the Fiber Menace website.