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    I was playing around with a hypothetical meal plan for a week on fitday. I put in all the foods for a whole week, divided it all by seven and voila, a nice daily average. I'm pretty pleased with the way the macro nutritions are spread but I have an open mind so please comment if you feel it's needed.

    What I'm looking for is opinions on the other nutritions. I know some of these numbers are hollow numbers and some aren't. I know some of them it's ok to be way higher and some of them it's not. I just have no clue which once.

    What I'm looking for is long term health on a maintenance plan, I'm a 24yr old male. I didn't strive to perfection with the meal plan, I made something I would actually cook and eat. Something that has small cheats in it and something that is sustainable for me. However, in your comments please try to strive to perfection.

    Fat: 51%
    Carbs: 22% (mainly from veggies and a small amount of fruit, rice and patatoes, no sugar)
    Protein: 22%
    Alcohol: 5%

    Vitamin A: 725mcg, 80% of RDA
    Vitamin B6: 2.35mg, 181% of RDA
    Vitamin B12: 6.2mcg, 259% of RDA
    Vitamin C: 96mg, 107% of RDA
    Vitamin D: 0.9mcg, 17% of RDA
    Vitamin E: 17.5mg, 117% of RDA

    Calcium: 518mg, 52% of RDA
    Copper: 1.5mg, 162% of RDA
    Iron: 11.8mg, 147% of RDA
    Magnesium: 332.6mg, 83% of RDA*
    Manganese: 2.8mg, 121% of RDA
    Niacin: 32.8mg, 205% of RDA

    Pant. Acid: 5.8mg, 117% of RDA
    Phosphorus: 1461mg, 209% of RDA
    Potassium: 2778mg, 59% of RDA
    Riboflav: 1.9mg, 149% of RDA
    Selenium: 120.5mcg, 219% of RDA
    Sodium: 2132mg, 142% of RDA
    Thiamin: 1.1mg, 89% of RDA
    Zinc: 12.6mg, 115% of RDA

    *I've read cacao has quite some amount of magnesium in it. I'll be using a decent amount of raw dutch cacao powder for making an avocado choco mousse . But there was no way I could find in fitday to put this in.

    Thnx in advance!

    EDIT: I will not be measuring anymore once I've switched from weight loss to maintanence. I just want to check out if the things I am likely to eat will give me all the nutrition I need without supplements.
    To my understanding the Vitamin D and Calcium do not matter much, as being outside in the sun will take care of this.
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    Looks pretty good to me. Personally, I like a little higher fat percentage, but I think as long as fat stays above 50% you'll be good.
    That cacao should take care of some the potassium as well.
    BTW, I just read your thread on supps and I'm also from Holland.
    I ordered vitamin D's from a website and got omega-3 fish oil in Gimsel (organic food store in Rotterdam. they have heaps of supps there and the people seemed pretty knowledgeable about the whole supplement thing).

    Cheers from a fellow 24 yo dutch male :P
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