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5 day trips to the woods. need trail meal ideas

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  • 5 day trips to the woods. need trail meal ideas

    i work as a survival instructor once a month. winter months are easy to pack food because its so cold out nothing will spoil. but now that im gettin into the summer months, its time for some fresh ideas.

    im usually "on the trail" for 3.5 days with just what i have in my pack. im trying to keep it some what light (45-50lbs) with all my emergency gear and food. ive got the snacks down: trail mix, jerky, dried fruit. but i love having a big meal at the end of a long day because ive burned so many calories and snack food just doesnt fill me up like good meal.

    so what do you pack on the trail? and what are some of your clever meal ideas? ill usually heat up some dehydrated veggies in my jet boil and mix it up with a can of tuna or ill pack a baked sweet potato or two. but that can get old over time. i need some fresh ideas. what do you do?

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    smoked salmon
    dehydrated eggs


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        Those vacuum sealed packets of tuna are easier than a can. And you can sometimes find them with salmon.
        Dried mushrooms are light weight and can add some oomph to a meal. Do you eat rice at all? I know it's not optimal but some dried fish with a condensed broth packet goes nice with the dehydrated veggies and some jasmine rice. My husband will pack 10 days worth of food in his pack and only uses either fire or a jet boil, so he tends to add a bit of rice to his meals just for a fuller feeling for the last meal of the day.
        Tinned sardines are fairly small and could add something different.
        Summer is tough when it comes to long treks.

        If you can find some mini summer sauces that are vacuum sealed, those might work, but they will almost always be full of garbage ingredients.


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          I don't know if it fits into the survival training, or will work for you, but whenever I would go backpacking for more than a couple of days (summer) I would bring frozen chicken legs (or breasts) in my ice chest in the car. Then on the first day out they would be wrapped in something to slow the thaw. First night out on the trail was great, with fire-roasted chicken. I used to bring corn on the cob too, but today would choose another veg.

          Yes, this only helps on the first night. You could sub frozen steaks, etc for chicken obviously.

          For the other days don't forget spices. Even a bland pot of freeze-dried meat and vegies could be made tasty with some cumin, coriander, etc. Hot chili-garlic sauce or paste or cayenne goes a long way to liven food up. Consider fresh ginger root (only need a small amount so weighs nothing), garlic granules (or a handful of fresh cloves), lemon grass, dried shrimp paste, crushed red pepper, soy sauce (don't know of a dehydrated kind), tomato paste (small 6-oz can goes a long way but weighs a few ounces), oregano, basil, black pepper, salt, shredded coconut, and so on. Sorry if I'm thinking mostly Asian food but that's what's on my mind. For Mexican flavors think cumin, chili powder, oregano. Another idea is really dry cheeses, like Parmesan - shred a bunch and carry in a plastic bag.

          PLAN meals so you know exactly what and how much spices and herbs to bring.

          And add FAT to everything. Must carry coconut oil. Add 20 lbs to that pack!!!!! :-)
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